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Things to do in Antalya

In antalya there are countless numbers of outdoor activities to do. With warm sunny days in antalya making it a perfect match! Whether you are chilling on the beach or zooming about on a quad bike. There is something for everyone. One of the most accelerating and popular activities is rafting, and Koprulu Kanyon National Park is the best place to enjoy it. WIth insane picturesque canyons and waterfalls, you can enjoy rafting with a view. Obviously more leisurely options normally include chilling at the beach and enjoying a cocktail, but if you're feeling some light exercise and would also like to see the city, why not enjoy a Bike tour. Enabling you to cycle about in the beautiful sunshine, while taking in antalyas beauty!


Calling all foodies! Antalya is the place for you. From beautiful stacks of meat and fresh seafood, the city offers both traditional, local favourites and modern favorites! In terms of a few recommendations, Kuzu tandir (slow-cooked lamb) is often served with some bulgur Pilaf (like couscous but better) and it is superb! One restaurant in Antalya that does a kuzu tandir, is the Mehmet restaurant that sits on a beautiful hill, overlooking the famous Konyaaltı Beach of Antalya. You will be able to enjoy your food with a view.

Food in Antalya

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Nightlife in Antalya

Antalyas nightlife has a lot to say for itself. From booming nightclubs to chilled pubs or even beach parties! There is something for everyone. If you would like to party from Dusk until Dawn, Cub Inferno is a local favourite, wIth live Dancers and DJs the parties tend to get pretty lively! Fancy something a bit more lowkey, visit the Cello Cafe Bar. Where tables are always full outside creating  a great atmosphere. You're more than likely to come across some live music, while enjoying your drink as well!

For a Family holiday look no further then Antalya. With not only just monuments to see the Antalya Aquarium is an absolute blast. Home to the world's biggest tunnel aquariums, it makes a great day out with the kids and gets you out of the sun for a little bit. You might not want to leave this magical aqua wonderland, but once you do fancy getting back outside. Why not take a trip to one of the many water parks Antalyas has to offer. Aqua land is very popular with a large range of slides and shallow pools making it ideal for families. 

For the family

Transportation around Antalya

Taxis are widely available at the Airport, However, there are also buses from the Airport that can get you into the City center and all around the area. These buses are the main form of transportation used to get around Antalya by the locals. 

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