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Barcelona is a remarkably different city, filled with character. With almost everything you are looking for in a travel destination. Home to beautiful architecture, Delightful Tapas and such diverse culture. Barcelona is a must for anyone wanting to visit Spain. I warn you though, you might never want to leave.

Image by Florian Wehde

About Barcelona

For many Spanish tourists, spending time on the beach is a main priority. Luckily, Barcelona has a lovely beach right next to the city centre! Perfect for tourists and the locals. The beach is everyones favourite spot! This is for a very good reason, in Barcelona you will find white sand beaches and blue water. Having the city so close to the beach is ideal. It's like living in heaven. Barcelona is also full of spectacular Museums and Monuments, one most famous is the Picasso Museum. With Spain being home to the famous artist Picasso himself, his work is celebrated throughout the country. The museum itself exhibits over 400 picasso pieces. The City of Barcelona is a magnificent piece of artwork in itself. The Famous local Architect, Antoni Gaudi, is a role model for the architecture that you will find throughout the city. There are many buildings and structures to this day that are inspired from this work.

Image by Dennis van den Worm

Activities in Barcelona

There is so much for you to do in Barcelona, instead of just going to the beach or meandering around the city. One of the most popular outdoor activities is to go on a bike tour, and explore the wonderful city. There are many companies that offer this service, all with good reviews you will be sure to find english speaking tours that are both entertaining and informative. It's generally just a good way to see the city, catch a tan and get a bit of exercise at the same time!

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Food in Barcelona

Let's talk food, Barcelona has always been a Dream destination for all food lovers. From paella packed with local ingredients, to simple but delicious tapas. Barcelona has a lot of diversity. One of our Personal recommendations would be to visit the Arrosseria de Gaudi. This restaurant is definitely up there, offering you some of the best paella, and service in the city. The City is also famous for its deserts, including the Crema Catalana, a Creamy vanilla custard that is blow torched until crystallizes. The desert is an improved version of creme brulee. 

Image by David Becker

Nightlife in Barcelona

Barcelona's nightlife is incredibly popular with the locals and tourists. Spanish clubs tend to always start late and end late. Helping Which in barcelona where the nightlife attracts loads of tourism every year, it creates a great environment and Gives It that all night party atmosphere. Not only are the parties amazing but there is also such a variety. From R & B, to hip hop, rock or Jazz, there will be something for everyone's acquired tastes. Chill out in the Gothic Quarter, enjoy some lovely cocktails. Or live it up at Port olimpic where they have the craziest summer parties. 

Image by Kristijan Arsov

Family activities in Barcelona

Due to Barcelona's Mediterranean climate and that fact there is so much to do it makes for a Great Family Holiday. With plenty of monuments to see, treats to try and friendly locals to meet the kids will never get bored. You could take them to the beach one day, and then to the Chocolate Museum the next. Museu de la xocolata, where interactive activities will teach your children about the wonderful treat. There are also amazing chocolate creations on display, like famous disney characters and star wars figures. All made of chocolate!

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