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Things to do in Berlin

The whole city is scattered with picturesque scenery and history, some world famous. Most notably the Brandenburg Gate, what was once an old city gate. Rebuilt and refurbished 250 years ago, it is a symbol of the Berlin and German Division during the cold war. Another great monument from this era is the Berlin wall, Which is a must see for all history lovers. One of our personal favourites for sure is seeing the surreal emeralds roofs of the Berlin Cathedral. Which is Positioned on the famous Museum island. Meaning you can both witness incredible architecture and visit the nearby museums. You can find the island just in the middle of the River Spree. Boasting 5 museums it is one of the most important museum sites in Europe.


When it comes to food, German cuisine might not be the first thing that pops into your head. However, Germany actually will surprise you. One of the most recognisable Snack/dish being the Pretzel, Germans eat them in many versatile ways. Either plane, with chocolate, cheese, seeds or even some juicy meat. Any way you try it in Berlin we can guarantee it will be delicious. Another must try and popular dish is the Currywurst. Which is basically, a Succulent german sausage, coated in ketchup and curry powder, Served with fried chips. Comfort food with a twist. No trip to Germany is complete without trying a traditional Apfelstrudel. A delicious soft pastry filled with apples and finished over with icing sugar, cinamon, raisins and breadcrumbs. It is usually served warm with a smooth Vanilla sauce, what more could you want!

Food in Berlin

Image by Anthony Reungère

Nightlife in Berlin

With Germany having overall a pretty good nightlife experience, Berlin being the capital city it definitely does not disappoint. Countless bars, pubs and events combined with one of the best club scenes in Europe. Berlin is not just home to famous clubs but great local spots. The best place to head to get an experience of all of what berlin has to offer is in the Mitte, which basically translates to middle.



With the city being full parks, playgrounds and lakes. Berlin makes a perfect family destination. Public Transport is also excellent so getting around the city can be very easy, even with children. The city is even Home to Berlin zoo, Which is more than just a zoo. It’s where professionals also collaborate and maintain reintroduction programs for endangered species from all across the world. Home to pandas and some very rare cats, it makes a great family day out. 

For the family

Transportation around Berlin

The best way to get around Berlin is via the U-Bahn, which is basically Berlin's equivalent of the London underground. 

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