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Cancun really is the dream destination for luxury beach days, also considered to be the heart of Mexico. From stunning white sand beaches, to crystal clear blue waters, exiot climates and luxury resorts. Cancun really is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a relaxing get away! The picturesque landscape, cultural temples, charming towns and unforgettable beaches all help to add to Cancun's charm. 

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Before travelling to Cancun

We would highly recommend visiting cancun from December through till April as these are the hottest months of the year. Although Cancun tends to be slightly busier, for your holidays overall experience, we would recommend visiting in May. If you’re visiting Mexico as a tourist you don’t need a visa, but you’ll need to complete an immigration form and have this with you when you enter and leave Mexico. You can get an immigration form either when you arrive (forms are available at border crossings or on-board flights to Mexico)


When it comes to Cancun, the destination is not all just beaches. Why not try some of the super cool water sports Cancun has to offer! From jet skiing, paddle boarding, fishing and even flyboarding, these exhilarating activities will definitely get your blood pumping! How does flying through Cancun's jungle sound to you? Why not try Xplor Adventure park, where you will be able to zip line through cancun's tree tops and dive into the magical waters! Or why not take the time to visit the famous Maya city of Chichen Itza world heritage site! Famous for its amazing pyramids, the tourist destination is perfect for those seeking to explore Mexico's history. 

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The food in Mexico is to die for. You will definitely be able to experience a multitude of different traditional foods. From tacos, to enchiladas, fajitas and even churros, you will definitely not be disappointed with what cancun has to offer. Most resorts and restaurants offer a multitude of different cuisines, from traditional mexican food, to world-wide international dishes as well as mediterranean food! You will definitely have some unforgettable experiences. We would recommend visiting Taboo Cancun, where you will not only be able to experience some incredible food, but also the view is just breathtaking. The menu offers a mixture of fresh seafood, mediterranean, international food and Greek styled dishes. 

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Some travelers head to Cancun for a relaxing time spent on the country's beautiful white-sand beaches, whilst others are more interested in the city's notorious nightlife! And that’s ok, because there is something for everyone! Particularly popular with american during the time of spring break, cancun really is the perfect place for those looking to party until the early hours of the morning! Whether you are looking for a relaxing evening watching the sunset go down over the water, or for an unforgettable night partying, Cancun definitely won’t disappoint.

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