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The Caribbean

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About Caribbean

The year-round warm weather is ideal for relaxing and strolling along the Caribbean beaches. The Caribbean is a paradise for travellers searching for beautiful landscapes and unparalleled experiences. The mix of cultures and nationalities which make up the region give it a unique flavour. Throughout this page we are going to be exploring the Bahamas, St Lucia and Barbados! Three truly beautiful and unique islands, offering the perfect holiday experience. 

Image by Elizeu Dias

Activities in the Bahamas

Blue Lagoon Island (officially known as Salt Cay) has established itself as one of the top all-round family attractions in The Bahamas. Draws include the gorgeous stretches of white sand that line the shores, the stony McCutcheon’s Tower that offers sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea, seemingly endless Segway tracks and walking paths through the coastal coconut palm groves, and an inland lagoon that’s packed with wildlife and watersports opportunities. Oh, and this is also the home of the acclaimed Dolphin Encounters program, affording travelers a chance to check off a line from the bucket list and swim with the ocean’s most intelligent mammals!

About the Bahamas

With some of the softest sand, clearest waters and most stunning sights, it's no wonder the Bahamas is often considered paradise on earth. However, it's not just your average beach holiday. The Bahamas may be small but, it's an incredibly versatile holiday destination. From snorkelling through shipwrecks, playing with pigs on the beach or enjoying a nice cocktail in one of its many beach bars. The opportunities are endless and like no other place on earth. Making the Bahamas a perfect tropical getaway for all. Away from the booming resorts and gaudy casino complexes of Nassau, pretty little Pink Sands Beach offers a more quintessentially Caribbean experience. It can be found on the less-trodden east coast of Harbour Island, just a short jaunt north of Dunmore Town. A 40-acre slab cut out of the southern coast of Grand Bahama, Lucayan National Park is a wild landscape of mangrove swamps and beaches, pine forests and weaving boardwalks just waiting for the budding bird watchers and wildlife seekers heading this way from Freeport.

Image by Cristofer Jeschke

Food in the Bahamas

The Bahamas has some of the most diverse and delicious cuisine in the world. Mainly consisting of delicious seafood like lobster, fried fish and crab. Served with potatoes, rice, and or pigeon peas. One very unique treat and a must try in the Bahamas is conch. Especially if you have never tried it before. Despite being made from an oversized sea snail, it is traditionally battered and delicious. Served with some french fries and a nice cold drink. 

The weather is perfect during winter and spring. The months of December to April are is most definitely the best time to travel to the Bahamas 

Food in the Bahamas

About St Lucia

St lucia is a beautiful Tropical wonderland. An island that is mostly mountainous, covered in luxurious jungle and dotted white sand beaches. The island makes a perfect chilled break to enjoy stunning landscapes and rich culture,, whether travelling as a couple, by yourself or as a family. 

With its most impressive feature being two mountainous Volcanic Spires, Petit Piton and Gros Piton, Which stick out of the mesmerising turquoise sea just in the south west of the island. These pitons can even be explored, with a breathtaking hike up either or both pitons. No Trip is complete to St Lucia without exploring its famous Pitons . 


In terms of experiencing St lucia's rich culture, there's no better place to do it than in the fascinating fishing village of Gros Islet. Which is only a boat ride away from Lucis primary beach, Rodney Bay. The village itself is lined with fishing shacks, rum shops and tangled fishing nets in the sun. Giving it that adventuristic pirate vibes, while also giving a great perspective into island living/culture.

Best time to visit St Lucia

The best time to visit Saint Lucia is during the peak season, which runs from December to April. Though the weather is practically perfect every season, the islands do lie within the hurricane belt, so it’s best to avoid them between June and November.


When eating in Koh Samui the food is definitely going to be one of your highlights. Whilst heading to restaurants to get your delicious meals is still a great option, Thai street food is too die for. A very popular thing to do is to just wander round the markets day and night and really give everything a go that the island has to offer. Popular dishes are Phad thai, Satay, Khanom Jeen (rice noodles with curry), Khao Mok Kai (Yellow CHicken Rice). 

Food in St Lucia

About Barbados

While Barbados is famed for its stunning beaches, the island itself has it all. From beautiful white sand and majestic turquoise bays.  Along with smashing nightlife, a Unesco World Heritage–listed capital, not to mention proud welcoming locals. 


Barbados’ landscape itself is so diverse. Bringing new and cool sights everyday and in every part you visit the island. From chilling out on its iconic white beaches almost all around the island, Exploring Caves and rock formations in the North, seeing a bit of scottish landscape in the east and Jungle in the west. This island is like no other place on earth.


If you love wildlife and scenery the Bardos is the place for you. With one of the most popular things to do being swimming with turtles. Where an organised tour can be booked and you can chill out with these gorgeous and friendly animals. You don't even really need to even book a tour to see the turtles in Barbados either. Even on a simple swim around the shore you may encounter one or two. 

Food in Barbados

When it comes to food in BArbados, it really is a wonderful concoction of cuisines. WIth its main flavours coming from places like Africa, portugal and india. Ingredients are fresh, normally locally sourced and delicious as well. Barbados being an island, Seafood commonly appears on menus, from fish, shrimp, lobster, sea eggs and also crab. One more unique dish however for sure is flying fish. Often served with a side of Cou Cou (Cornmeal bread). The fish is also commonly fried with a crispy batter making it a delightful treat.

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