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Orlando is possibly one of the most adventurous and magical regions within the USA. Home to Cinderella's castle in Disneyland and Countless numbers of rides at its iconic Universal Orlando. These major attractions often undermine the rest of the city, which is definitely not to be snuffed at. With beautiful neighborhoods, delightful cuisine and a great museum scene as well. Giving Orlando this unique blend of adrenaline pumping fantasy, along with a more calmer, more peaceful side of the city. Making Orlando perfect for family holiday but also any group, with its variety of options.

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About Orlando

Let's start this off with possibly the biggest attraction in all of Florida. The Ultimate Amusements Park experience, Walt Disney World. Attracting Millions of visitors every year for a reason, it's a magic kingdom filled with more attractions than you could even imagine. With its inventory growing yearly as well l, the park just keeps getting better and better. Following on with more Amusement parks, both Universal Orlando and Seaworld Orlando are also worth visiting. All being massive complexes and being equally impressive as each other , you could spend a whole day at each!

Calling all space lovers. Just a short, one hour trip from Orlando is where you will find the Kennedy Space Center.  A huge complex, regarded as one of Florida's most fascinating and educational experiences, is where you can see rockets, learn about missions to pace and even meet an astronaut. Making it an engaging experience for both adults as well as families. 

To see more of the city while in Orlando and what it has to offer. Be sure to visit ICON Orland, much like the London eye, it is an observation wheel. Which offers 360 degrees views of the beautiful floridian skylines, at the height of 400ft. 

Much like the rest of Florida Orlando is also home to beautiful beaches. With its Discovery cove all inclusive tropical day resorts being a must. Swim with dolphins, snorkel with stingrays and enjoy an abundance of food and rink all day. 


When in Orlando it's very easy to fall into the trap of never escaping its bustling amusement parks and attractions. When Orlando has great options to both stretch your legs and see the natural beauty the city has to offer. Such as New Smyrna Beach, the most well known beach among locals. It's positioned a little over an hour from Downtown Orlando. Home to a friendly surf community, as well as white sand beaches and a quaint downtown filled with artsy boutiques and outdoor cafés. Perfect for a light walk while enjoying stunning coastal views. Another great way to chill out and enjoy a popular spot for walking, running or cycling in its Lake Eola Park. Where you can easily spend the whole afternoon strolling the perimeter of this mesmerising city lake. A traditional option is to also Rent a paddle boat and glide across the lake. 

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Food in Orlando

Orlando has an amazing selection of cuisine. Whether you’re looking to dine on fancifully crafted tasting menus, extraordinary seafood, split tapas with friends or grab a quick traditional neapolitan style pizza before venturing out to the best bars and clubs in the area. With a great variety of both tastes as well as price there is something for everyone. A great example of Orlando's diverse cuisine selection is Domu. A ramen hotspot famous for its homemade noodles, savory broths and assortment of small plates. Poisoned near Orlando's East end market, it's a local favourite, due to its extreme mouth watering experience. If you're looking for a more classic western dish as such.  It's definitely sin to visit any state of America without tucking into a nice juicy steak. What better place to do it as well the Christner's Prime Steak & Lobster, that has both devine steaks and incredible decor. Following an old school theme makes a great evening for your family and your date.





If you're thinking of booking a family holiday to Orlando, don't hesitate. With the city and its surrounding being a truly magical experience for kids, as well as other options for the rest of the family. 

In terms of getting around, renting a car is by far the best option, due to the ammoun of attractions to see and the amount of ground to cover. Hever Uber is And The The w also a great option for getting almost everywhere, very efficiently and easily. Public Transportation routes are also widely available. Such as its Lynx Bus Service, which will transport you throughout the city. 

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