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The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is like no other place in the state. A paradise built of an incredible chain of coral islands, Nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. Home to its iconic Key West, a popular holiday destination in the Florida Keys. As well as a ridiculous number of other Keys to see and explore. All are filled with wildlife, stunning resorts, divine scattered beaches and plenty of adventurous opportunities. 

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About The Keys

When travelling to the FLorida Keys, it's no doubt the first thing that you're gonna want to do is go to the beach. To see what is undoubtedly one of the most stunning beaches, visit Bahia Honda State Park, located within Key West. where you will actually find two beaches both with their own characteristic and Impressive views. Not only are both the beaches picturesque but also full of water activities, like snorkelling in the crystal clear water. One of the most Unique experiences that is also near Key west, is visiting the Dry Tortugas National Park . Located In the Mesmerising Turquoise Waters of the gulf of Mexico, it is only accessible by boat or seaplane but is definitely worth it. As not only does this National Park have some of the most impressive beaches, but also home to Fort Jefferson. Which is unlike any other fort i've ever seen. As well as being on the best snorkelling spots due to its notorious chip wrecks. 



Whilst Visiting the Florida Keys its without a doubt that both hiking, swimming and scuba diving are the most popular outdoor activities. With so many beaches and sights to explore as well it can be hard to choose. A point in the right direction for sure though is to viit, John PenneKamp Reef State Park Along with Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary. Home to fantastic underwater life and numerous wrecks, it's a haven for scuba divers or even your average snorkeler. The Park also has a small swimming area with a shell covered beach as well as a variety of boat tours being available.

Activities in The Keys

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Food in The Keys

One thing you might not have known about the Florida keys, is that is actually quite famous for its fine cuisine. Mainly consisting of the areas freshly caught seafood, as well as dishes influenced by flavours from Spain, the Bahamas, the caribbean and American. If you're a true foodie , you will want to try some of the Florida keys unique seafood options for sure though. Like its iconic Pink Shrimp, which is caught wild on the shore. In comparison to normal farm raised shrimp. With the wild shrimp, having a tender sweet sensation it's served in a number of ways at many restaurants throughout the island. Stone Crabs are also a very unique and distinctive seafood option in the Florida Keys. Simply because it is harvested in the most peculiar way. As the Claws are the only part of the crab with substantial meat. By cutting off the crabs claws, the crab will be able to regenerate them ready for the next season. Making them an incredible, renewable food source.




With Key west and the surrounding keys offering such great opportunities for both relaxing as well as excitement, its makes and ideal Family Holiday.  Often regarded as the Family Keys. Expect memorable family moments as well as great Accommodation.

If you're Looking for Nightlife while on your travels. Alot of the FLorida Keys definitely isn't well regarded for its Nightlife. However, around Key west you are sure to find some great bars. With the town having a solid party reputation, you will find more bars in the keys per capita than anywhere else in the world. 

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