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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the perfect holiday destination! The beautiful country is filled with spectacular rainforests, stunning beaches, turquoise waters, picturesque waterfalls, incredible national parks and world class resorts, making the country the perfect holiday destination. From horseback riding through the sparkling waterfalls, to snorkeling through the country's coral reefs, zip lining through the forests or even canoeing down the rivers, you will be sure to find something for everyone! 

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Things to do

The experiences in Costa Rica really are abundant. From white water rafting, to sunset cruises, canyoning, snorkeling or even just hiking, you will be sure to find something for everyone when visiting Costa Rica. One of our personal recommendations would be to go on a world famous tour of one of the country's national parks. Some of the tours offer a mixture of walking, horseback riding and even the opportunity to go white water rafting all in one! 


Buses are the most common form of transportation, and the public bus system is excellent, inexpensive and relatively frequent, even in remote areas. Privately run shuttle buses offer quicker but pricier transfer, whilst axis are also good value for money. Car rental can be quite expensive, and the terrain around the island isn't always the best, so it can make driving quite a scary experience. Domestic flights are also a good way of getting from one side to another. 



Although Costa Rica is famed for adventure tours, it's almost as equally well known for its nightlife! From lively poolside parties against the backdrop of swaying palms before ocean views, it's no wonder the country has excellent nightlife! 



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here are some seriously amazing must try dishes when it comes to visiting Costa Rica. The main staples of traditional Costa Rican cuisine consist of fresh meats, rice, beans, vegetables and exotic fruits. A traditional Costa Rican meal / snack is chifrijo, served at local events, farmers markets and restaurants, the fried pork rinds and beans are a perfect way of expressing the country's true culture. We would recommend visiting El Mirador Restaurant, offering spectacular views and outstanding food, featuring locally inspired dishes, made with sustainably sourced ingredients, the restaurant will definitely not disappoint. There is a good reason as to why this eco-friendly destination was listed within the 1,000 places you need to see before you die, as the view over the Manuel Antonio National Park is definitely one of them.



The best time to visit Costa Rica is between mid-November and April. Not only is it the driest part of the year, but temperatures are also pretty high. The average daily temperature is around 28 degrees! 




British nationals do not need a visa to enter Costa Rica. You may stay as a visitor for up to 90 days under a tourist visa waiver. Your passport should have at least one day’s validity from the date you are leaving Costa Rica.

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