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Croatia is truly a beautiful country, filled with a hugely diverse landscape! From stunning lakes, to luscious forests and mesmerising coastlines. The county is also known for its outstanding food and wine, as well as it’s wide variety of outdoor adventures. Croatia is also home to one of the most beautiful natural wonders in all of Europe, The Plitvice National Park. A truly breathtaking experience, you will experience some of the most breathtaking waterfalls, lakes and forest areas. With Croatia being home to one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Mediterranean, Dubrovnik, Located in the South of Croatia. From the orange rooftop houses  that are located all around the city, to towering defensive wall and the magnificent churches in Dubrovniks historic district, The Old Town.

Best time to travel

High season in croatia, like in most countries in Europe is within june and august. When the weather truly is at its best, with picture perfect skies and long beautiful days. However obviously it will be busier for sure. In the off season from October to April.Croatia is cheap as chips, and the weather is still beautiful. Making it a great option if you're travelling on a budget.

General information

Capital City

The capital city of Croatia is Zagreb



The official language of Croatia is Croatian.

Time Difference

Croatia is 1 hour ahead of the United Kingdom

Emergency contact

192 - police

193 - fire brigade

194 - ambulance


Croatia contains nine international airports. So if you're planning to travel to Croatia, Especially from the U.K you can practically reach most of the country with a direct flight. Which is definitely a huge bonus.

In terms of getting around the country, Croatia is relatively small. Therefore we highly recommend renting a car as it will be the most comfortable and often fastest way to get around. If this is not an options extensive bus routes are also available connecting all the major cities and towns.

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