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Dubrovnik, is a stunning walled city that overlooks the stunning aquatic border between Croatia and Italy. With the country's rich history, Croatia really is an upmarket destinations. With a mixture of both historical and natural Beauty, the city is a must see when visiting Croatia. 

Image by Robert V. Ruggiero

About Dubrovnik

One of the most popular things for sure when visiting Dubrovnik, is to visit local sights and important buildings, with the medieval old town being the best destinations to visit. Known as one of the worlds finest and most perfectly preserved medieval cities in the world. Another great thing to do is the walk around the city walls, Averaging around 2 km in distance it can easily be done and there are also various shops and cafes to stop off at on your journey. 

Dubrovnik is not just historical heritage, it is also full of lovely beaches. With several of them being situated near the town. With the most popular one being, Banje Beach. In our opinion the best way to see the whole of Dubrovniks beauty is on its SRD Hill. Which you can either hike or take the cable car. You will be greeted with the most picturesque view in the whole area. There is even a cafe at the top so you can chill and relax up there as long as you want, taking in the wonderful view.

Things to do

When travelling to Dubrovnik, if you are looking to get a bit of exercise whilst you're out there, hiking is definitely your best option. With hikes around the walled city and up SRD, as previously mentioned, you will certainly not get lost as there are also Hiking tours available in Dubrovnik, just in case you're worried you might get lost. Cycling tours are also one of our personal favourites, and there are a range of options throughout Dubrovnik. One of the best ones being TM Adventure, where they offer River rafting and tubing as well as a bike tours! Due to the amount of beaches and coastlines,  water activities are also widely available. Especially sailing, Dubrovnik is known for being one of the biggest sailing hot spots in the world. If you fancy something a bit less technical, why not try a kayaking tour around the Adriatic Coast is definitely a must

Image by Gianandrea Villa


Dubrovniks cuisine is made up of a whole bunch of rich fusions of flavours, which makes it a perfect location for any sort of foodie. From Traditional dishes having influences from both Italian, Montenegrin as well as Bosnian cuisines. Furthermore it’s not just the food that's delightful, but also the wine. With a strong winemaking culture just up the coast from Dubrovnik, on the Pelješac peninsula, some of the vineyards there are even home to some of Croatia's finest red wine. 

Image by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pa


Dubrovnik nightlife is unusual - while the city has an abundance of bars, there are relatively few clubs. But what is lacking in quantity, is most definitely made up for in quality. Why not head over to Culture Club Revelin club, for an unforgettable night spent in the heart of Croatia. If clubbing isn't your thing, that is ok because Dubrovnik has so many spectacular bars, where you will be guaranteed a wonderful evening.

For the family

Dubrovnik is definitely a very family friendly destination. With all its beaches being easily accessible and safe for families. Hotels and facilities within are generally at a very good standard as well.

Image by Kat von Wood


There are Numerous flights from the U.K. to Dubrovnik Airport, which is also near the city center. Therefore getting to and from the Airport once you're there is very easy by a regular Bus service.In terms of getting around Dubrovnik There are no trams, trains or metros in Dubrovnik. Don't worry though the old town is easily accessible from most parts of the rest of the city by either walking or bus.

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