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France is home to true diversity. Whether you're thinking of travelling to Paris to see it’s major tourist attractions, or to witness it’s true beauty and architecture. Paris is definitely a bucket list destination. However, France is so much more than just Paris. France has something for everyone! Are you looking for good Family destinations? Why not try camping in the Dordogne? Perfect for the family! You will be able to enjoy activities, food, culture and sightseeing all at once. Not a family holiday you are looking for? Do you love to party? Then you have surely heard of Val Thorens legendary apre ski parties. Arguably, one of the best apres ski resorts in the world. At the heart of the resort you will find the famous La Folie Douce.

Time Difference 

France is 1 hour ahead of the United Kingdom

Capital City

Paris is the capital of France


The national language of France is French. However, in a lot of tourist hotspots, most of the people in these areas can speak relatively if not perfect English.


In terms of transportation around France, the country has very well established road, air & railway infrastructure! In terms of getting to France from the UK, Cheap flights are available from all areas across the UK and all French airports. However, If you prefer, you could choose to drive through the beautiful country of France, which will also offer the convenience having your vehicle. If you decided to fly into France instead, taxis, buses, ubers and trains are widely available throughout the country, making it easy for you to get from A to B. 

Climate/best time to travel

When it comes to deciding upon the best time to visit France, it really does just depend on what you're looking to do.



If you're wanting to hit the slopes and enjoy some Apre Ski, then we would recommend visiting the alps during the months of December through to April. March and April are probably the  best months to go! As winter turns to spring, the days become longer and the weather warms up,



Not so keen on the winter weather and looking more so for a relaxing holiday in a warmer climate? France is still the place! With the South of France being only a two hour flight away, why would you not want to visit the country's beautiful beaches and luxurious landscapes? In general you can expect temperatures to be between 22° – 27° in the months July and August. 

Emergency Contact 

Medical emergency call ( 15 )

Police call ( 17 )

Fire brigade call ( 18 )

Time Difference 

France is made up of four very distinct climatic areas. Hence why the country offers such a variety! From skiing in the beautiful french Alps to sunbathing on the stunning beach, or exploring the picturesque rivers that are dotted around the country, France really does have it all. If you are looking for somewhere super hot. The South Eastern area of France is part of the mediterranean climate area. With temperature reaching highs of 35 degrees celsius in the area of Cote d'azur in the French Riviera. France is also home to over 250 ski resorts. Including the famous Tignes & Val d’isere, Chamonix, Meribel, Val Throne & Courchevel. The different resorts are really worth a visit!

Time Difference 

With France being part of the European Union, the country does actually uses Euros! You will  find plenty of places where you can withdraw money, if you are with a Visa and Mastercard you should have no problem withdrawing cash. However, most places throughout do actually take cards!

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