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Germany is a traveler's dream. With english speaking locals, beer, sausages, castles and insane history. It's no wonder it's often considered the beating heart of Europe. However, With such a variety of beautiful cities and regions to see, it can be difficult to know what to do and where to go. Berlin. The Country's stunning capital city which gets its character from its rich history, culture and mesmerising sights. Don't worry Germany isn't just history and scenery. One of its cities Hamburg is actually home to some of the best nightlife in Europe!

Capital city 




Time Difference

1 hours ahead of the UK

Image by Rachel Davis

Best time to travel

In summer Germany is packed with the weather finally warming, definitely expect a large crowd if you're travelling during the summer months. Therefore the best time to travel is from around May till october. Where it will be a lot less busy and the weather will still be warm enough. We advise you bring an umbrella if you're travelling around spring as there might be frequent rain showers. 


In terms of transportation to and around Germany it couldn't be easier. Boasting a massive 16 international airports, With frankfurt being the biggest of them all. Public Transportation in Germany is also considered some of the best in the world. WIth trains being the most cost effective to travel across germany and buses being the best way to get around cities. 


Germany being part of the European Union uses the Euro. You will also have no problem using your credit card or debit card when in Germany. Just remember Germany is predominantly a cash focused society so a lot of small business will only take cash and ATMs can only really be found inside or outside bank branches. 

Image by Paul Gilmore

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