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Hong Kong

Hong Kong. Regularly known for its towering skyscrapers and buzzing nightlife it's both a fun, but also professional city. However, I bet you didn't know Hong Kong's city normally steals the thunder. Almost 40% of Hong Kong's territory is made of Nature reserves and Country Parks, boasting almost 263 islands it is also home to true natural beauty. Having grown up in Hong Kong, I have truly witnessed and emerged myself upon the CIty's many treasures. Starting with the local Dim Sum, going all the way to jumping into local rock pools. Hong Kong should be on everyone's bucket list and I hope my knowledge can be shared with you.

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About Hong Kong

Hong Kong truly is a beautiful city. With its skyline being crowned one of the best in the world, you don’t have to travel far to find stunning sights. Just walking through its city alone you will be amazed by its architecture and just the size of all the buildings. To get the best view of Hong Kong every local knows the best view can be found at the top of Victoria Peak. Which is accessible either by taxi or taking the fun tram to the top of the peak. Once at the top, you will find a little tinny metropolis of its own perched right at the top of the Mountain. With restaurants from all cuisines, a shopping mall, hiking trails and the best view of victoria Harbour. It's no wonder it's one of Hong Kong's most popular tourist spots. Looking for something a bit more historical and traditional. Getting there itself is an adventure, as its only accessible by 25 minutes cable car is visiting the Tian Tan Buddha. Located on one of Hong Kong's stunning islands, Lantau. Sitting at a modest 112 feet it truly is an amazing structure but around the local village of Ngong Ping you can also dine on some of Hong Kong most delicious food as well as shop. 




In Hong Kong despite being a city practically every activity known to man is available in some shape or form. With one of the most popular activities for tourists definitely being Hiking. There are a ridiculous number of trails. From exploring the city to its vast tropical landscape. One of my personal favourites is to hike the Dragon's Back. The hike itself takes around two and a half hours. You can start in The Peak near Central Hong Kong and end near Big Wave bay, a stunning beach finish. Making it possibly one of the Most diverse walks as you will see both stunning coastal beauty as well as Man made.


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Food in Hong Kong

You definitely won't be short of things to do travelling to Hong Kong as a family. Not only is it home to a DisneyLand resort but a whole other array of fun filled Adventure. With one of my personal favourites when growing up was to take a visit to Ocean Park.  Which is both a Combination of Aquarium and theme park, Meaning you can both ride roller coasters or feast your eyes on massive great whites. You could easily spend the whole day here with the Park itself being so big it has its own island. Which is accessible from ocean parks very own Cable Car or Underground Train. One thing you will struggle to avoid but is definitely a must as well is to explore the hundreds of toy markets/markets that are situated in almost every part of the City. With the best one Being found in Mong Kok.




When it comes to Hong Kong Nightlife it is nothing but legendary all around the City. However, Lang quai Fung takes all the glory. Being a Whole street based right in the center of the city just for partying its world famous. Also Having used to live just up the road up from this never sleeping street. I can tell you first hand it is Party Paradise almost every day of the week, and On weekends you can hardly walk from bar to bar, The streets are so packed. 

If you're looking for quiet bars these are also widely available all around the city. With Hong Kong being home to in my opinion some of the best sky bars in the world. With Hong Kong not only being home to one of the highest rooftop pools but also a stunning rooftop bar. Based on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong and facing the central City in all its glory, this place may be expensive but trust us it's worth it.

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