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Image by Cody Black


Iceland’s stunning glaciers, turquoise blue lagoons, snow-covered volcanoes, ice fields and just overall breathtaking scenic views are definitely worth the visit. The landscape is somewhat mystical, the Nordic icy views are something you definitely won’t be able to find throughout the rest of the world. When it comes to visiting Iceland we would definitely recommend renting a car from the airport as this will offer you the most flexibility when it comes exploring the beautiful country. You will then also have the option to go on a road trip around the 830 mile long ring road that circles the island. We personally think this is the best way to discover the island as you will be able to stop at all of the popular destinations as well as having the flexibility to stop whenever you find a particularly breathtaking view point.

Image by Raoul du Plessis
Image by Robert Bye

Must see places

There are so many spectacular places in Iceland that you must make sure you visit before leaving. As previously mentioned, Iceland's famous Blue Lagoon is the first must see! The geothermal spa, located in southwestern Iceland is an area full of outstanding natural beauty. If you are looking to explore the natural beauty that the island has to offer, definitely head over to Porsmork National park where you will be able to experience some of Iceland's most breathtaking scenery. You can hike 25 km between the mountains of Porsmork and Skogar. We would also recommend visiting Dettifoss. Why not head over to the south of the island to experience some beautiful black sand beaches! The waterfalls, glaciers and volcanoes combined make the beaches like no others. A personal recommendation would be to visit Diamond beach, where the blue in the ice, the white of the surf contrast with the black sand and exceptional colours of the northern lights make the beach truly magical.


As Iceland is an island, it will come as no surprise that seafood is a big part of the Icelandic cuisine. Icelandic fish such as cod, haddock, halibut, ray, redfish, and lobster are caught in the unpolluted waters of the North Atlantic sea, and have a reputation for superb quality. Freshwater salmon and trout are also popular during the summer months. Fish, lamb and dairy products are the basics of the Icelandic diet. Why not try some of the Icelandic specialties such as skyr, a skimmed milk curd. When visiting Iceland we would highly recommend visiting the Sjávarborg Restaurant, where you will be able to enjoy outstanding local cuisine, fresh seafood and other amazing traditional European dishes. Not only is the food amazing, but the view from the restaurant is just to die for! Overlooking the stunning waters edge, this restaurant has everything you could need. 

Image by Andy Wang

Best time to travel

It depends what you are planning on doing when it comes to deciding upon the best time to visit Iceland. If you are looking to experience the spectacular Northern Lights, we would recommend visiting between the months of Late August through till Mid April. However, if you are looking to hike around the country and experience all its beauty, then we would visit in July or early August as these months tend to be slightly warmer. 

Image by Jeremy Bishop


When it comes to nightlife in Iceland, it isn’t quite the party town you were imagining. However, there are plenty of really cute Icelandic bars where you will be able to enjoy a drink of an evening. Kaffibarinn is a good place to head if you are looking for a lively evening and Icelandic beer in Reykjavik. If you are looking to experience some of iceland true beauty whilst enjoying a lovely cocktail, why not head over to Icelandic Sky bar and restaurant where you will be sure to have an truly amazing experience looking over some of Iceland's picturesque views. 


The icelandic currency is Kronur (ISK). It's easy to exchange money at the airport, in banks and at currency exchanges. You can also pay for virtually anything with a credit card - except the public buses. Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted; American Express and Diner's Card less so. Bank machines are easy to find.

Image by Sorrawis Chongcharoen


The public transportation links around Iceland are not the best. We would highly recommend renting a car upon arrival when reaching the airport. There are no public railways, however, although slightly limiting, there is a public bus service for tourists to use. If this doesn't take your fancy, then you could always try walking or renting a bike to get around nearby places to where you are staying. 

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