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Things to do in Istanbul

In terms of scenery, and tourism, Istanbul is full of History and beautiful Monuments. Istanbul's skyline itself is something truly incredible. Starting with one of its most cherished landmarks, The Aya Sofya, home to innovative architecture, rich history, religious importance and such beauty! It's a must see when in Istanbul. Being a major city, Istanbul is full of activities to engage in. One of the favourites for tourists in Istanbul is the Grand Bazaar market. With dozens of streets filled with thousands of shops amongst. It is one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world!


Turkey is definitely what we would classify as a never sleeping city. With late parties, delicious foods and a lot of dancing. It's not just the tourists living it up in Istanbul, the locals also love to party! Making Istanbul’s nightlife very unique with splashes of both european and asian influences. It’s something you won't experience anywhere else in the world. One example would be Riena, one of the many lavish nightclubs in istanbul. With its mesmerising view across the Bosphorus strait and the exclusive setting, it’s one of Istanbul's more expensive options but one of the best. 

Nightlife in Istanbul

Image by Despina Galani

Food in Istanbul

A lot of people travel to Istanbul for the history, the views and the culture. However, Istanbul is home to some devine culinary treats. With Street Food being one of most common cuisines. One of the most famous street foods served widely throughout Istanbul is Midye Dolma, which translates to stuffed mussels.  Filled with spiced rice, and loads of other devine spices. Squeeze a lemon on top and enjoy.

With so much to do everyday and a lot of great places to stay. This makes Istanbul a very good family destination. Whether you choose to stay in a resort or hotel, it will be very child friendly. Furthermore, there are plenty of fun activities like taking a trip on the Istanbul Cable Car (Teleferick). Which will allow you and your family to witness the amazing skyline of Istanbul as you float through the beautiful sky. 

For the family

Transportation around Istanbul

If you decide to use public transport, buses and trams are the most common form of public transportation in Istanbul. With buses also covering all of the touristy areas, you definitely won’t have a problem getting around and seeing the city.There are also taxis, car rentals and private hire available. 

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