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Kefalonia is just simply stunning. The island is a tiny gem hidden within the Ionian sea. Despite all it’s beauty, the island isn’t actually too heavily populated with tourists in the summer months, helping to add to the country's charm. The green mountain island is just breathtaking, there are an abundant amount of white sand beaches that are surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters that will just take your breath away. The combination of the white cliff rocks, green tree mountains and exoit blue waters make Kefalonia a truly unique and unforgettable holiday. Whether you love diving, walking, snorkelling or lounging around in the sun all day, Kefalonia is the perfect destination for your next unforgettable holiday.

Image by Ale Paraschiv

Main Villages

Fiskardo, a small fishing town in the North of the island. The picturesque fishing village is one of the few villages on the island that remains untouched from the major earthquake of 1953, helping to add to the beauty of the town. The 50 km drive from the islands airport to Fiskardo is worth it in itself. You will find yourself on one of the most spectacular roads in Greece, with amazing views over the kefalonian coast, looking out at the turquoise blue waters and white sand beaches. You will drive past the famously stunning Myrtos beach that quite simply looks like something from a postcard. When heading down to the Harbour in Fiskardo, you will find an assortment of cute little traverns, bars and shops accompanied by the stunning crystal clear waters. The well known fishing village is always full of sali boats and luxury yachts, offering you the perfect evening view, whilst you watch the sun go down, with a cocktail in hand. 


Assos is a small, charming village in the north of the island that is located only 36 km away from Argostoli. The pretty village of Assos is nestled away in a horseshoe-shaped harbour on a peninsula off the island of Kefalonia. The town is surrounded by the crystal clear greek waters. You will find traditional architecture, pebbled beaches, beautifully coloured houses and small alleyways, revealing some simply spectacular views of the town of Assos.

Image by Victor Malyushev

Scenery & Beaches 

You cannot go wrong with choosing Kefalonia as your next holiday destination. Everywhere you look you will be greeted with stunning views, whether it be the turquoise waters or white sand beaches, you will not be disappointed. Whether you are looking for a dreamy landscape view, or a pretty coloured harbour nestling in the luscious coastline, Kefalonia is the perfect place for you. 


Although the entirety of Kefalonia is absolutely gorgeous, from our personal experience, the North of the island is the place to be. From its white cliffs and green trees to its crystal clear waters, all the beaches you will visit on the island will be stunning. One of our personal recommendations would be Dafnoudi beach, you will find this hidden gem just outside the beautiful town of Fiskardo, it is just simply breathtaking. Alaties beach is another personal favourite. Although the beach itself is rather small, the unspoilt picturesque view makes this beach the perfect place for those wanting a quiet escape from the world. There are several sandy beaches near Argostoli including Makris Gialos beach and Palio Stafida beach will inties you in with their white sand and crystal clear waters. Both the two beaches also have fantastic water sports activities including jet skiing, doughing, peddle boating and many more

Image by George Prentzas
Image by Angelo Pantazis
Image by Angelo Pantazis

Activities & Nightlife

It doesn’t matter whether you want to spend your holiday jumping off rocks into the island's blue waters or try something a bit more exoit like parglyiding. Kefalonia has it all! Whether it be a luxury boat trip sailing round the island discovering the beautiful beaches, scuba diving, jet skiing or even taking a trip to visit the stunning Cave of Lake Melissani. You can be sure that you will not get bored in Kefalonia. Even if you just wanted to have a lazy beach day, why not head to the famous Myrtos beach, located just 40 minutes from Argostoli!  When it comes to Kefalonias nightlife, although the island isn’t considered to be a greek party island, there is still some pretty good nightlife! The atmosphere of Kefalonia is pretty chilled, there are plenty of beautiful restaurants and bars to go for a drink, overlooking the stunning scenery or along the waterfront watching the world go by and the sun go down. However, if you are looking for more of a clubbing experience, then you need to head over to the island's city centre, Argostoli, where you will find some modern clubs to spend long nights drinking in.

Image by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis


Dining out, or even in, is wonderful in Kefalonia. There's such a variety of choice! You will definitely be able to find something for everyone. All restaurants in Kefalonia will offer a variety of fresh seafood as there are so many fishing villages dotted around the island, making it easy to find fresh locally sourced fish. If fish is not your preferred option, why not try a traditional greek Gyros! They are to die for! If you are looking for a lovely chilled beach bar that overlooks a secluded beach bar, offering unreal sunset views. Then why not check at Alaties beach bar. The menu offers a mix of a italian and greek styled food. The tranquility of this taverna is something you don’t want to miss. Another personal favourite would be to visit Lorraines Magic Hill. Located in the South of the Island you will lovely family restaurant serving traditional Greek and local dishes. Finished with a stunning view overlooking the sea and the evening sunset. 

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