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Lake Tahoe

Just on the border between California and Nevada is the stunning and action packed Lake Tahoe. With the southern region generally being more popular, Not only is it home to some amazing ski resorts but also great entertainment, nightlife and beautiful sights.

Image by Tyler Clemmensen

About Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe itself is a very picturesque mountain village. Made up of both traditional and modern architecture, and beautiful in both summer and winter. For the best views of lake Tahoe there is no better way to do it than riding the heavenly gondola to the Observation Deck at the Heavenly Mountain Lodge. Where you will witness panoramic views of this peaceful and majestic town. With the Lake itself being one of the main attractions, choosing to visit Lake Tahoe in summer is therefore a great option. From enjoying the beach to engaging in water sports the lake is used by both locals and tourists all summer. While the Lake is as still equally as stunning in winter it definitely isn't as accessible.


One interesting thing about the lake is that it's also divided by the state line, between California and Nevada. Therefore, Wherever you go (and whatever side of the lake you choose) though, Lake Tahoe has something for everyone in your family. From Hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding and sledding depending on the time of year.

Things to do

Image by Jeff Hopper

Activities in Lake Tahoe

If you're travelling in winter the most obvious and best activity to engage in is for sure skiing or snowboarding. With Tahoes winters being renowned for sunny skies, delightful mountain scenery and great Californian vibe is what makes Tahoe so desirable as Ski Destination. Lake Tahoe is also home to quite a fair amount of well established ski resorts. With the most popular being Squaw Valley, Heavenly and Northstar. With each resort offering their own unique traits. If Visiting in summer, without a doubt the most obvious thing would be to go and enjoy the Lake. However, Exploring Hiking trails is another adventure ideal for nature lovers. WIth plenty to choose from, most will have a stunning view of the lake on the way as well as the Sierra Nevada Mountains.



If you’re arriving by air, fly into Reno-Tahoe International Airport, which is located approximately 45 minutes from Lake Tahoe. From there, the best way to reach and most convenient way to explore Lake Tahoe is by car, which you can rent at the airport.


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