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Mauritius is the definition of paradise. Located just 2,000 miles off the southeast coast of africa, its home to lush white sand beaches, the clearest water you will ever see and of course a tremendous amount of sunshine. It's not just a pretty place either, this island is also where you will find waterfall hikes, sunset yoga, delicious traditional cuisine and much more. What we are trying to say really is that there are actually loads to do in mauritius. For all types of interests, whether you traveling by yourself or as a family we guarantee you will love mauritius. 


Before travelling to Mauritius

Mauritius Attractions and sights involving this island beautiful landscape both on the coast and inland.  Let's start with the beaches though because they are always everyone's favourite. With over 160 km of white sand beaches across the island as well, there's  definitely a lot to choose from.  If you're looking for somewhere to chill out and enjoy some peaceful shallow water.  The Trou aux Biches is a great option. Especially if you're traveling as a family. If you're looking for a bit more excitement and to indulge in some of the many water sports Mauritius has to offer. Ile aux Cerfs, is Mauritius favourite island playground, Not only is the beach stunning, there are also restaurants. So after you've done a bit of banana boating or simple but of Kayaking , you can indulge in fresh lobster or fish cooked over a barbeque. Absolutely splendid! The island isn't just all beaches as well. One of the world best botanical gardens can even be found in Mauritius. The Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanic Garden is Where you can feast your eyes on some of the most gorgeous and fragrant collections of tropical plants and flowers.  This amazing place is also highly educational and interesting as you can not only enjoy them but learn about them at the same time with a private tour. 

Activities in Maurituius

If swimming in the beautiful turquoise water, and fancy engaging in some of Mauritius numerous numbers of outdoor extravaganzas. One of the most popular is definitely hiking through one of the island's National Parks. A great example is Heritage Nature reserve, where not only is it a great workout hiking around but you will also be mesmerised by its spectacular views, rock pools, the islands famous pink pigeons and even waterfalls. You can also explore the Nature reserve on a quad bike, which we highly recommend if you want to see the most of the area. 

If you're looking to explore the Coast and the Sea, Boats trips are by far your best option. With Mauritius itself being surrounded by smaller islands. Some of these islands are even uninhabited, Making it a very adventurous experience. We also highly recommend this experience if you love snorkeling as this is one of the best places to do it. 

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Image by Jeyveen Bhoyroo

Food in Mauritius

The Food in Mauritius is very unique, yet similar to the regular dishes we love back home. However, most dishes have African, indian and Asian influences and of course being an island a lot of the dishes contain seafood. To get down to the point, food here is delicious. From traditional curry dishes, to stir frys and even mauritian style dim sum. There is something for everyone in mauritius. Whether you're a self proclaimed foodie or just like a good filling meal. If you're looking for a quick recommendation to grab both authentic and delightful mauritian food.  Chez Tante Athalie.

Family activities in Mauritius

It's no lie that Mauritius is normally considered a romantic getaway, and not a family holiday destination. However, I beg to differ. With so many options of outdoor activities, nice shallow beaches, as well as high standards of both hotel and restaurant facilities. Despite this stereotype you can see why it's not entirely accurate. Well especially in my opinion at least. 

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Nightlife in Mauritius

While Mauritius definitely isn't known for its all out partying, the nightlife here still has a very nice vibe to it. With Beach clubs, upbeat nightclubs, casinos too laid back lounges. There is something for everyone. Whether you just fancy a nice cocktail by the beach, to party all night or both. 

Best time to travel

The best time to travel in reality is around summer, when the weather is at its best. With almost sunny and warm weather everyday, it's ideal beach conditions. However, a very popular time to travel to Mauritius, especially for us brits. Is from December through to march, to get away from England's cold weather. Mauritius is still hot as ever, however it will be a lot busier. So if you're looking for a quiet getaway don't visit around this time of year. Also avoid January through to march, as this is when the weather could be very, very wet. 

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