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About Miami

Surprising, Miami's beaches aren't top of the list in terms of iconic scenery or landscape to Miami. Its Architectural beauty is truly something to behold, and can be witnessed most throughout the city. With its gorgeous 1930s hotels being its cherry on top, being arguably one of the greatest collections of art deco buildings in the word. Miami's Beautiful Vizcaya Museum and Gardens are also always definitely worth a visit, Due its main attraction the Italian Renaissance style villa, sat in the middle of one of the most meticulously landscaped gardens i've ever seen that for sure. We can’t not talk about Miami's Natural beauty as well. With it being one of the few cities blessed with opportunities and adventure in the great outdoors. From enjoying its white sand beaches to looking for bird species while walking through its many trails. The whole coastline of miami is practically beaches, so it's hard to miss. However if you're looking for a unique experience, visit Bill Baggs Florida State Park. Where you will find a delightful wide shore, overlooked by a picturesque lighthouse. Which feels unlike anything else you'll find on any other Miami beach. 



Miami nightlife proves that some of the best things to do in Miami happen after dark. This city comes alive when the lights are low, the music is up and the drinks are flowing. This is definitely a city known for amazing nightlife. From the world's biggest DJS to swaying to latin beats there is also a great variety. With the city alo being full of splashy cocktail bars, live music bars, LGBT hotspots and of course beach bars. 

Nightlife in Miami

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Food in Miami

When it comes to enjoying Miami's beautiful summer weather, what better place to do it then in Everglades National Park. From riding through the swamps on an airboat, to bike riding through Shark Valley, and camping, Everglades National Park is the ultimate stop for all outdoor enthusiasts. Just don't forget insect repellent. Canoe or kayak in Oleta River State Park. Sure, you could just borrow your cousin's kayak and take a ride through the canal behind your house. But Oleta River State Park, overlooking Biscayne Bay, is a gem that's begging to be explored. This spot offers a ton of great outdoor activities, but riding through the scenic mangrove trails and into the waters of North Biscayne Bay is an unforgettable experience. On your scenic ride, you'll catch a glimpse of wildlife, but try not to freak out if you accidentally bump into a mangrove and one of those creepy crabs falls into your boat.



While Miami might not be every family first choice of holiday it definitely still has a lot to say for itself. Along with its great amount of activities and beaches, as well as accommodation facilities, it has everything family holiday requires. Including Jungle Island. A lush, tropical oasis boasting waterfront views and hundreds of species of wildlife, plus playgrounds, zip lines and other attractions for kids. Home to much more with 300-plus species of birds, orangutans and other animals. As well as a six acre aerial adventure park. Perfect for the Family.

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