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About Munich

Munich as the city itself is stunning, WIth its square being its beating heart since the 1160s.  It is home to the beautiful Marienplatz, which is here you will find Munich's legendary glockenspiel cuckoo clock, with a carousel of figures dancing at 11am, noon, and 5pm. It's a must see! The square is also very well known for its Christmas markets. Not only is it one the oldest markets in Germany but it is also spread over 20,000 square meters. In these markets you will typically find gorgeous handcrafted goods and beautiful German cuisine such as snowball cakes, hot chestnuts or almonds and fruit cake. 

Munich itself is also home to over 80 museums, varying from local art galleries to seeing some of the most famous masterpieces known to man. One of the more popular ones being the Glyptothek museum. It is considered one of the only museums in the world dedicated solely to ancient sculptures. 



Munich Beautiful parks are a true spectacle. Whether you choose to stroll around or rent a bike and zoom through the city there are plenty of things to get out and do. One of the strangest but coolest activities for sure is surfing. Yes surfing, not on the beach however. In the Eisbach channel, positions within the English garden. Where concrete blocks have been submerged in the water to slow the current, it creates a stationary wave. So whether you choose to give it a go or just watch from the sidelines it's truly an experience. 

Activities in Munich

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Food in Munich

Although Munich is definitely well known for its beer then food, the city still has a nice range of delicious treats to try. Not only that, there is also a cosmopolitan and more sophisticated side to Munich's cuisine. So foodies don't worry you won’t just be eating pretzels and drinking beers. Munich is also home to atmospheric, fresh local food markets. One of everyone's personal favorites being the Viktualienmarkt, which is positioned near Marienplatz in the center of Munich. It's a great way to try delicious local food and discover more about the local food culture.


Munich is one of the best cities to travel to as a family. Not only is it home to Circus Krone, undoubtedly one of the biggest and most fantastic circus shows in all of Europe. Munich is also where you will go to Hellabrunn Zoo, with almost 19,000 animals from both sea and land. You can even see polar bears whilst you're there. For the older children and even adults, the BMW Museum is a truly jaw dropping experience for any keen motor head or anyone really.

For the family

Transportation around Munich

Munich's inner city Transportation links are both excellently developed and convenient. WIth a great variety of Underground services  (U-Bahn), tram, bus and overground railways (S-Bahn). 

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