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Palma De Mallorca 

Palma de Mallorca is always a lively destination all year round, Filled with everything you want from a Holiday in spain. With so many shops, restaurants, architectural monuments and more all surrounded by the beautiful shimmering Mediterranean sea. Palma De Mallorca, is often compared to Barcelona due to loads of their characteristics being similar. However, Being one of Spain's balearic islands Mallorca is home to loads of beautiful hidden gems. 

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About Palma De Mallorca

In terms of scenery and tourism. Mallorca boasts some of the most impressive monuments that bring natural and architectural beauty to the area. Most noticeably its massive Harbour which stretches right from the front of the Cathedral and borders all the way to the west. The Cathedral is the central landmark of Mallorca, surrounded by structures that are a true representation of whats makes Mallorcas style so unique. The combination of both modern day architecture, medieval Buildings and even contemporary art is like no other place. So if your looking to travel to see amazing views and spanish architecture at its best Mallorca is for you. 

Things to do in Palma De Mallorca

In terms of what to do in Mallorca there is loads! Let's start with the most obvious one, going to the stunning beaches. It's hard not to find a beach in Mallorca. However, if you're looking for some truly stunning beaches, venture to the west side of Palma. Mallorca is home to a large Marina, offering a large variety of boat trips and yacht charters to choose from as well. Travelling with a large group or family will be perfect for you. Why not explore hidden beaches and sail about on your own accord. Alternatively, if you are just looking for a cool way to see the whole area, you can rent bicycles or even switch it up with an e-scooter to save the huffing and puffing. Follow the cycle path all the way from Palma all the way to S’Arenal. Which is a great way to see Mallorcas Coastline as well as its architecture. 

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Image by Fidel Fernando

Food in Palma De Mallorca

Being an island Mallorca is full or fresh seafood, pork and Vegetables. Being a popular tourist destination, loads of different cuisines are available. You have to try some of the local treats. Like bunyols, which are Mallorcas equivalent to donuts, A delightful treat made. Consisting of mash potato, flour, eggs, yeast and butter, cooked in hot oil and sprinkled in sugar. You can cheaply eat your way around Mallorca by sampling the different tapas taverns throughout the area. Tapas can Vary from Fried Baby Squid to Cold meats, cheese and olives.

Nightlife in Palma De Mallorca

The Island of Mallorca is a great place to go and party. With the whole island basically having a good restaurant, or a cocktail bar nearby it's hard to choose where to go for a night out. But you should definitely head in the direction of palma. Which Is where you will find the widest range of bars and nightclub. Whether you are looking to Live it up and release your party animal until 5:00. Paseo Marítimo is basically buzzing with people all year round. This is due to a couple of major nightclubs and loads of restaurants and bars. However, if you are just looking for something a bit more low key head to la Lonja (the old town), wHere you can just kick back and enjoy a cocktail, and listen to some R&B or jazz. You can also find some pretty cool sky bars, like El Llorenç Hotel Rooftop Bar, Where you can enjoy a drink over a stunning view of busy palma. 

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