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Luxury beach holidays in Europe

Despite many travellers seeking out more exclusive, one off experiences when they jet off, there’s no denying that a beach holiday is still the most appealing trip for those seeking out sun, culture and a relaxing week or two away from their busy lives.

Number 1 - Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Palma de Mallorca is always a lively destination all year round, Filled with everything you want from a Holiday in spain. With so many shops, restaurants, architectural monuments and more all surrounded by the beautiful shimmering Mediterranean sea. Palma De Mallorca, is often compared to Barcelona due to loads of their characteristics being similar. However, Being one of Spain's balearic islands Mallorca is home to loads of beautiful hidden gems. It's hard not to Find a Beach in Mallorca. However if you're looking for some truly stunning beaches, venture to the west side of Palma.

Number 2 - Crete, Greece

Crete is the biggest of all Greek islands, known for its natural beauty, unreal beaches, amazing historical sites and mesmerizing landscapes. As the island itself is quite large, it is split into four regions, Chania, Heraklion, Rethymno and Lassithi. All the different towns are rich in culture, making Crete an amazing holiday destination as there is something for everyone! Crete is famous for its beaches! Being the largest Greek island, it means there is a diverse range of beaches. Like all Greek islands, the beaches are just simply stunning. Some of our personal recommendations would be Elafonisi, Falassarna and Balos beach.

Number 3 - The Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve Truly is one of Portugal's crown jewels. Known for its delightful sunshine, White sand beaches and adventures coastline. The Algarve in our opinion is home to some of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the whole of Europe. However the Algarve definitely isn't just all impressive landscapes, you can also enjoy delightful food and engage in all sorts of activities no matter your interests.

Number 4 - Split, Croatia

Not only is Split Croatia's second largest city, it's also nicknamed the Mediterranean flower. As it is considered so beautiful. Combining a mixture of both roman architecture and the iconic Croatian orange roof houses, along with its mesmerising turquoise sea. Split, is also a very versatile and diverse tourist destination. With something for everyone, ranging from sunbathing, impressive sights, delicious cuisine and bussing nightlife. Furthermore, Split is a transportation hub to many of the gorgeous adriatic islands.

Number 5 - Sardinia

With 2,000km of coastline, Sardinia is bound to offer some stunning seaside delights. This Italian island isn’t small so focus on one area so that you can find a good balance between a relaxing holiday in the sun and discovering the local sights. The north east area holds dreamy islands and beaches, which are ideal for snorkelling, while the archipelago of La Maddalena is highly recommended, especially the Pink Beach (Budeli), as well as the island of Caprera.

Number 6 - Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia is just simply stunning. The island is a tiny gem hidden within the Ionian sea. Despite all it’s beauty, the island isn’t actually too heavily populated with tourists in the summer months, helping to add to the country's charm. The green mountain island is just breathtaking, there are an abundant amount of white sand beaches that are surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters that will just take your breath away. The combination of the white cliff rocks, green tree mountains and exoit blue waters make Kefalonia a truly unique and unforgettable holiday. Whether you love diving, walking, snorkelling or lounging around in the sun all day, Kefalonia is the perfect destination for your next unforgettable holiday.

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