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Top 6 Luxury destinations in the world

Private Islands, Penthouse hotel suites and helicopters. When it comes to luxury holidays, it's either go big or go home right? So if you are planning your next glamorous getaway, here are the best luxury destinations in our opinion, no expense spared.

Number 1 - The Maldives

When it comes to luxury getaway. Maldives is always top of our list. The Maldives is one of the most unforgettable destinations in the world. The collection of over 1,000 tiny coral islands are surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters, beautiful white sand beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, peaceful resorts filled with luxury water bungalows, outstanding cuisine, swaying palm trees and abundantly blue skies. The Maldives is definitely an ultimate dream getaway destination, the luxury and tranquility you will experience when visiting is like no other! If you are looking for the full luxury package, ensure you stay in one of the Maldives many Overwater Villas, wake up to the soundtrack of peaceful waves and gleaming sunshine.

Number 2 - Dubai

Dubai is like no other city in the world. With its unique culture, extremely warm weather and iconic skyscrapers, there isn't much not to love about Dubai. Also Once there you will feel like you're living like a king, as it's actually extremely difficult to escape anything that Looks or tastes Luxurious. With this Luxury comes great diversity and variety. The list of Activities and general things to do is crazy. From visiting the Palm Jumeirah, one of the most impressive water parks in the world, to dining on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, one of the most impressive restaurants in the world.

Number 3 - Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the most famous island in Indonesia. Beyond the island's stunning beaches and magical temples, Bali has virtually every kind of natural beauty. From glorious mountainous areas with lush greenery, scenic lakes, gorgeous waterfalls, iconic rice fields, flower gardens, gushing sacred rivers and secret canyons all make up the island's landscape. Not only is the landscape and surrounding area of bali beautiful, but the luxury hotels, resorts and villas are like something out of a dream. From hidden tree top houses with luxury infinity pools that spill from the edge of the cliffs into the ocean, to beach hut villas and spectacular hotels overlooking the ever famous rice fields of Bali. It's without a doubt, a holiday to Bali comes with a large slice of Luxury.

Number 4 - Seychelles

The seychelles is truly an island paradise. With possibly some of the most stunning, unspoilt beaches in the world. The seychelles itself is actually made up of 115 islands, and is home to both marine sanctuaries as well as UNESCO nature reserves. Meaning the island is home to not only stunning white sand beaches but also fabolous sea life. Let's not forget about the Seychelles luxury resorts either. With private swimming pools, michelin star restaurants and even 24 hour butler services. All of this is available with the beach also right on your front porch. The definition of Luxury.

Number 5 - Mauritius

Mauritius is the definition of paradise. Located just 2,000 miles off the southeast coast of africa, its home to lush white sand beaches, the clearest water you will ever see and of course a tremendous amount of sunshine. It's not just a pretty place either, this island is also where you will find waterfall hikes, sunset yoga, delicious traditional cuisine. Along with some of the most Luxury Resorts in the world where you will find luxury delights from infinity pools to pristine golf courses.

Number 6 - Cancun, Mexico

Cancun really is the dream destination for luxury beach days, also considered to be the heart of Mexico. From stunning white sand beaches, to crystal clear blue waters, exiot climates and luxury resorts. Cancun really is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a relaxing get away! The picturesque landscape, cultural temples, charming towns and unforgettable beaches all help to add to Cancun's charm.

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