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Rome is the capital city of Italy, full of history, culture and food. There is no shortage of things to do when in Rome, whether you wanted to visit the charming central square, view one of the world's most gorgeous fountains, or even just eat some Gelato! The city definitely has something for everyone.

Image by Christopher Czermak

Things to do in Rome

There is so much in terms of things to do and exploring when in the famous city of Rome. From admiring ancient ruins, to visiting famous coliseums and museums. The Colosseum has a large amount of history attached to it, adding to the importance of the monument, If that doesn't tickle your fancy, why not shop until you drop exploring the ever famous streets of Rome.

When it comes to having a good time, the locals really do know how to party! Whether you're into your clubs, cocktail bars or just a chilled place to enjoy some italian wine, Rome will be able to satisfy your needs. One of our personal recommendations would be to visit the Cielo Terrace, a elegant rooftop bar, where you will be greeted with spectacular views over the Eternal City Skyline. Open from breakfast till midnight, making the rooftop the perfect place to start or day or end your day with a glass of wine in hand.

Nightlife in Rome

Image by Christopher Czermak

Food in Rome

Italy in itself is well-known for its outstanding cuisine, so like the rest of the country, the food in Rome is just to die for. The city holds its longstanding culinary tradition, full of simplicity and rusticism. Some italian classics include pasta, lasanuage, pizza and even gelato! Although this recommendation is slightly on the more expensive side, you should definitely visit the Aroma restaurant, at Palazzo Manfredi. At Michelin starred, this restaurant offers classic italian dishes accompanied with a picturesque outdoor terrace, offering unparalleled views over the Colosseum. 


The public transport system in Rome is very varied, cheap and also user friendly! There is either the Metro, that has three different lines running across the city, there are also busses which are actually the most commonly used method of transportation in Rome as the Metro is slightly limited. However, there are also the trams, urban railways and taxis to transport you around the city. Please bear in mind that the trams do not run into the centre of the city. 

Transportation around Rome

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