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When most people think of the Netherlands, they think about Amsterdam. However, despite the fact that Rotterdam is not being as touristy or as well known as Amsterdam, in some perspective, Rotterdam is actually one of the Netherlands biggest Cities and is home to the biggest port in the world. The City has seen a complete remodel with modern shopping streets, residential districts, and high-rises, helping to make it one of the most modern and architecturally interesting places to visit in Europe.

Image by Danny Sunderman

About Rotterdam

Although Rotterdam isn’t home to white sand beaches or massive mountain ranges. It makes up for this with its modern architectural beauty and history. For example, the city's iconic square houses. Believe it or not people actually live in those things. Making it a perfect example of what rotterdam is about, it's a young, lively city. Another Architectural beauty based within the city is the White House, not to get confused with the one in Washington. Rotterdams version is a lot taller, 10 stories in fact. It also isn't the home for the president. However, it is still a must see,  especially if you are a huge fan of design. Rotterdams Museums also have a lot to say for themselves, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, one of the Netherlands' (and Europe's) most important art centers, is known for its excellent collections of paintings, sculptures, and decorative art from across the continent. With some of its work created by big names like Van Gogh. 

Image by sebastiaan stam
Image by Peter Hall

Activities in Rotterdam

One of the most popular and famous things to do while in Rotterdam is to see the Kinderdijk Windmills. They are located just 23 kilometers east of Rotterdam, in the picturesque little village of Kinderdijk. Whilst visiting you will not only see the iconic windmills, but there are also a lot of other interesting things to do including exploring the museums located in the Blookwer and Nederwaard mills. Not only this, but there are also tours of the city located along the canals, we would highly recommend trying one! 

Image by Peter Hall
Image by Grooveland Designs
Image by Portuguese Gravity

Food in Rotterdam

Being a very modern city, this is reflected highly on the city's Cuisine. With a wide range of tasty street food, delicious ethic bites and even Michelin star dining. Rotterdam has recently become a hotspot for foodys! And we sure know why.  The old sailors’ stomping ground of Katendrecht, has been refurbished into a trendy gastronomic area, hosting stylish eateries and lively bars is one of our personal recommendations. 


Image by Kian Lem

Nightlife in Rotterdam

Although Rotterdam isn't one of the most well known places to go for a night out, it definitely will not disappoint. With some clubs being some of the most respected in the Netherlands, you're sure to find something cool. One cool place is the Maassilo. Which is a former grain silo converted into four nightclubs. 

Image by toine G

Transportation around Rotterdam

Watertaxi! Ever heard of it? -  It’s just as cool as a water bus, however it’s Rotterdam's equivalent – with about 50 landing stages in and around the city it makes boats one of the most popular forms of transportation. Metro. There are metro lines and buses running through Rotterdam’s centre.

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