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San Francisco

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About San Francisco

When most people think of San Francisco, the first thing that will come to mind is its spectacular Golden Gate Bridge. Being possibly one of the most iconic landmarks in San Francisco, no trip is complete without walking the two mile stretch over the Golden Gate Strait. Whilst your there take a trip to Golden Gate Park. Where you will not only find an Impressive Natural history Museum, (California Academy of Sciences),But also  stunning green landscape, that is even larger than the famous Central Park in New York city. Rent a segway whilst you're there, for the best way to try an attempt to cover its whopping 1,000 acres. Moving more towards the City Center itself, San Francisco is Chinatown. A Great representation of San Francisco's Cultural Diversity, as well as its lively city vibe. With the whole area of San Francisco's Chinatown spanning over 30 city blocks, it is considerably larger than the other Chinatowns outside of Asia. If you're into your Art San Francisco is definitely also the place for you. Home to The Legion of Honour Museum, which is actually a replica of the legion d'honneur in Paris. Is home to an impressive 800 European paintings. With work from legendary artists such as Picasso, Rembrandt and Monet. As well as the world famous sculpture the Thinker. 


If you love being out and about and active, there's no better place to do it then San Francisco. With the whole city itself being accessible by foot and jam packed with adventure, trust us you won't get bored. With Hiking definitely being the staple activity however, whether you wish to take a city route or embrace yourself in nature, San Francisco's got it all. If you want to see the most of the city while also getting exercise, is by renting a bicycle or doing a bike tour. This is especially a good option if you're on a tight time schedule. 

Things to do

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If you're a self acclaimed foodie, every part of America is normally a great destination to satisfy your taste buds. With San Francisco being up there with the best of the bunch. Enjoy its locally traditional craft beer of delightful sourdough. Or just enjoy some global sensations such as burritos. If you're looking for local favourites as well as a few recommendations from us. Make sure you tuck in to some juicy prime cut ribs or a little bit of Seafood, Cioppino to be more specific. Which is a rich fish stew, normally filled with Calamari, mussels, dungeness crab and other seafoods in a tomato broth. Simply delicious. Finish off with a San Francisco cheesecake, while it might not be as iconic as the classic New york Cheesecake, trust us it's just as delicious and brings its own unique style.


San Francisco's is definitely a great family location. With its extensive list of things to do its bound to keep everyone occupied and interested. Especially with a trip to San Francisco Zoo. Where each habitat is carefully created to replicate is species' natural homes. Giving the zoo an incredibly unworldly feel. Making it a great sensation for animal lovers and green thumbs. 





In terms of getting Around, With San Francisco's once again not being very large, both walking and cycling are a great option to both get around and explore the city. San Francisco's SFO Airport is the largest airport in the region, with direct flight from London Heathrow often makes it a very accessible destination travelling from the UK. 

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