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Switzerland, although it's mainly normally only known for its stunning snow covered mountain tops. It is actually a very diverse and interesting Country. Home to Divine chocolate, stunning crystal clear lakes and quaint little villages. Whether you are interested in the beautiful and historical cities of Zurich, Geneva or Lausanne. Where you will find galleries, museums, historic buildings and even music festivals.  

Capital city 



Swizz Germany

Time Difference

1 hours ahead of the UK

About Switzerland

Different areas of the region also offer whole ranges of travel experiences, from skiing in the famous Zermatt or St Moritz. A Holiday that is guaranteed to be jam packed full of activities, and perfect for the family. All year round. Looking for a city that’s got a lively nightlife. Zurich is definitely the place. With a mixture of live music to booming clubs there's something for everyone.

Best time to travel

The Most popular time that people travel to Switzerland is in the Summer. When the sun begins to shine a bit, there are more opportunities for hiking and watching the wildflowers bloom. You can even still Ski around this time of year, however be wary that prices almost double for bookings

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Getting around Switzerland is also very easy. With very efficient and reliable  forms of public transportation. Such as Trains, Trams and bus networks. The whole country is easily accessible. In cities and airports taxis are obviously also widely available.

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