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Thailand truly is an amazing place, from its vast tropical islands to bustling City of Bangkok. The country is one of the most popular tourist destinations year in year out.

Whether you are thinking of travelling to the beautiful island of Phuket, one of the biggest destinations for travelers in Thailand. Phuket is all about the beaches. With Patong Beach, for sure being most popular, this means however it can be very busy, There are loads more options available though to find somewhere a bit quieter! Phuket it also a hugely buddhist population so a lot of historical temple and monastery can also be found throughout the region.

Koh Samui is my personal favorite. No only is it home to some of the most beautiful beaches but it's also a lot more peaceful and will allow you to relax, while you sit in front of crystal blue waters.

Lets not also forget about the lively and incredible Bangkok, While it's definitely not got white sand beaches like the rest of the island. This city is home to great history, culture, traditions and architectural beauty. Bangkok is also where you will find adventure food vendors and shopping markets, allowing you to try the best of local cuisine. 

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About Thailand

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Before you travel to Thailand

If you want to Avoid crowds on your trip to Thailand, we recommend you travel around May and october. While there might be the occasional rainstorm, it will be worth it for the cheaper travel rates and smaller crowds. If you're not too bothered about this, Dry season is without a doubt the best time to travel. From November to April, When temperatures are cooler, making the days perfect for enjoying the outdoors. British passport holders can enter thailand for 30 days without a visa. When in Thailand's major cities you should have no problem using your credit or debit card, for both withdrawing money and spending it. ATMs can also be found in a lot of places, So make sure you do have some cash on you, as small businesses and in markets you won't be able pay by card. 

Image by Humphrey Muleba
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About Koh Samui

Not Only is Koh Samui an insanely stunning destination, it's also an incredibly versatile one. With there truly being something for everyone. Full of white sand beaches, delightful waterfalls and a ridiculous amount of outdoor adventure. Not only that the island even has a pretty lively nightlife. I love Koh samui and let me explain why. 

Firstly Koh samui is full of beautiful temples or monuments, One of the most famous being The Big buddha. That sits on a small rocky island called Wat Phra Yai, this impressive golden structure is hard to miss. The buddha can even often been seen from the plane flying into Koh Samui as it sits there in a majestic Mara posture (right hand facing down, left hand palm up on the lap)

If you're looking for a beach to spend the day at look no further then Chaweng. Being Koh Samui's most popular stretch of sand. This mesmerising wide bay also home to loads of bars, restaurants and even some of the islands best Nightlife. If you're looking for a place to stay near the beach as well Chaweng offer more accommodation then other places on the islands

If you have rented a car or scooter whilst on your travels then visiting the Na Muang Waterfall. As there aren't any public transportation routes you will struggle to get there without your own methods. However it is definitely worth the visit as you feast your eyes on both a beautiful and fun spot. The natural pool below the waterfall you can also swim in and relax in the water.

The most convenient way to get to Koh Samui is by flying to Bangkok and then getting a connecting flight to Koh Samui. When getting around Koh Samui, there is no doubt that a scooter is the best option. As it Will allow you to see all of the best tourist destinations that are not accessible by public transport. Which unfortunately is quite a few. Taxis are also available, However they will only be found in villages and towns around the island. Not in remote locations.

Nightlife in Koh Samui

Image by Alexander Kaunas

Activities in Koh Samui

One of the most popular outdoor activities to engage in while in koh samui is Kayaking. With Ang Thong Marine Park being the best place for it. As it is made up of 42 islands scattered across the sea, the park is full of hidden caves, beautiful green lagoons and stunning rock formations. A personal favorite of mine however when in Koh Samui, is to go ATV riding (quad biking), where you can explore Thailand's more rugged terrains and dense tropical inland scenery. Whilst splashing through puddles and streams it makes a great adventure.

When eating in Koh Samui the food is definitely going to be one of your highlights. Whilst heading to restaurants to get your delicious meals is still a great option, Thai street food is too die for. A very popular thing to do is to just wander round the markets day and night and really give everything a go that the island has to offer. Popular dishes are Phad thai, Satay, Khanom Jeen (rice noodles with curry), Khao Mok Kai (Yellow CHicken Rice). 

Koh Samui nightlife is actually very famous for being some of the best in Thailand. With Koh Samui having its own full moon Parties just like in Koh Phangan. Which are known for their legendary status and continue to bring an endless stream of tourists each and every year. You can see why as well, who wouldn't want to  party on white sand beaches, while enjoying  cheap drinks at the same time.If you're looking for something a bit more sophisticated Koh Samui can still one hundred percent give you what you need. With gourmet restaurants and bars also being available if you just fancy a nice drink, while you watch the sunset it is easily done.

Food in Koh Samui

Nightlife in Koh Samui

About Phuket

Phuket is for sure one of the most well known and popular tourist destinations. Attracting Millions of visitors each year, if you love white sand beaches, delicious food and a good night out Phuket is definitely the place for you. 

There's no doubt the first thing you are going to want to do once you get to Phuket is go to the beach, And trust us there are loads to choose from. One of the famous being Patong Beach itself. Home to the most lively atmosphere that you will find on no other beach in the world, However this therefore means the beach is almost always packed in high season. Which is great if you're looking for a place to enjoy Phuket's nightlife but not if you wanna chill out. 

One of our Personal Favorites is Kata Beach, where you will not only be able to enjoy Thailand's iconic soft sand and beating sun, with a reasonable amount of peace and quiet. With the beach being around 1.5km long it's harder for it to get packed, allowing you to get more about your beach experience. The beach itself is also surrounded by a nice choice of both hotels and restaurants, making it also a great place to spend your visit, or just grab a bite to eat. 

If you are looking for something touristy whilst you're on your trip to Phuket, the Big Buddha is definitely worth a visit. Being one of the most famous landmarks, its nearly 45 meters tall. Furthermore, its positions right on the top of a hill, so you can also enjoy a panoramic view of this stunning island 


In terms of getting to this wonderful island. By Plane is for sure the easiest way. With connecting flights from both Bangkok and major international hubs like Hong Kong or Singapore. The cheapest way however is to get the ferry. Without a doubt the best way to get around phuket is on a tuk tuk, especially for travelling short distances. When travelling a bit further you will require a taxi or rental car. Scooter rental is also widely available and one of our personal favourites and recommendations.

Transportation in Phuket

Activities in Phuket

When in phuket a very popular thing to do while on the beach, is to enjoy some surfing. Especially in low seasons, when it is practically a surf haven. Despite surfing not being huge around the rest of the island. In Phuket surf facilities are generally up to scratch. Even if you wanna just learn. One of the things we personally love to do when we go to Thailand is to go karting. Although it might seem a bit strange it is actually one of the best places on earth that i have ever done it. With massive race tracks and very fast carts it makes great activity to do both with friends or family. The best place to give it a go is a Patong go kart Speedway. Where there is also a bar and restaurant so if you choose not to race you can grab a drink and watch the action.



Food in Thailand in general is divine, well especially in our opinion. From a delicious Pad thai (fried noodles) to sticky rice. While there are definitely a lot of restaurants in Phuket I can't stress enough that you enjoy the local street food. To immerse yourself fully in this delicious cuisine.  Some of our personal favourites and recommendations for you whilst in Phuket is to try a delicious dish of Kai Yang (Grilled Crispy Chicken Thai style). Best serviced with delightful fluffy and sticky rice, it's a truly mouth watering dish and can be smelt from a mile away.  

If you love Satay, Phuket is definitely also the place for you. From Pork, Chicken and even seafood. The best satay is also definitely found at local street food stands. Where you will see the most gorgeous and delicious lines of meat.


With Phuket definitely being one of the busiest islands in terms of tourists, especially in high season. It's no surprise the nightlife here is so electric. With the famous Patong Beach being the main hub for these activities. Where you will find hundreds of bars , cheap booze and parties till the sun rises. Everything you want for a thriving party destination.

Food in Phuket

Nightlife in Phuket

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