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The Netherlands

When most people think of the Netherlands all they tend to think about is Amsterdam, however, the Netherlands is home to so much more. With cool and quirky hotels, lovely cuisine, historical sites and the country's infamous coffee shops. The country has everything you could need for your next holiday.

Capital city




Image by Eirik Skarstein

Best time to travel 

People tend to travel to the Netherlands from April to August and mid-December to early January. In the spring, the country's famous tulips bloom everywhere, and summer brings on the infamous outdoor cafe scene.


The Netherlands has an extensive public transport network, making it easy to travel around the country. Staying in Amsterdam, you might use GVB trams, buses, metro and ferries, while when you travel to other cities and destinations, you will definitely need to take a train.


If you are a U.K. Citizens who possess a UK passport, you can travel to Amsterdam for up to 90 days within a 180 day period.                          to find out more.

Image by Timo Wielink

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