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The Seychelles

Image by Max Bender

About the Seychelles

The Seychelles is mostly made up for beautiful nature reserves and beaches. Not just any beaches though, these are some of the best in the world. Here are some examples and what to expect.


Some of the most beautiful islands and its beaches.

The island Mahe is definitely one of the best options in terms of island to stay on, whilst visiting seychelles. With countless numbers of beaches, coral reefs as well as nature reserves. The area of Baie Lazare on Mahe island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Seychelles. With a good Variety of attractions, such as fabolous beaches once again but also the Baie Lazare Church which provides a panoramic view of the area.

With the Seychelles itself having hundreds of beaches, all are just as beautiful as the next, it can definitely be hard to choose which one to go to. However, on the north side of Praslin Island, is where you will find Anse Lazio (Chevalier Bay) one of the Seychelles most stunning beaches. 

La Digue is a more traditional island within the seychelles. Where you will not only be able to experience traditional island life but also some of the most picturesque stretches of sand and sea. Diving and rock climbing is also a very popular thing to do on this island , as well as hiking are a great option on this island making it great for activity and nature lovers. 

These are some of the best nature reserves Best nature reserves.


One of our personal favourites is Curieuse Island. Which is a beautiful island covered in white sand and tropical trees as well as giant tortoises. As the island is home to a breeding program for these beautiful majestic animals, you can see them up close form yourself. 


Ste Anne Marine National Park is by far home to some of the most impressive islands and sights within the region. From nesting hawksbill turtles on Sainte Anne island, Snorkeling in beautiful reefs in Ile Cachee or Enjoying a nature walk on Round island. There are endless opportunities in this national park, which is only a 15 - 20 minute boat ride of the coast of Mahe. 

Vallee de mai national Park is a UNESCO heritage site, based on the island of Praslin. Is not only where you will find the islands famous CoCo der mer fruit palm, which is endemic to seychelles. This National park also has some of the best hiking trails in the whole of the seychelles.

Image by Courtney Hall

Best time to travel

In the Seychelles there's practically sunshine all year round. So there isn't really a bad time to visit. However, for the best weather. You will definitely want to visit around April through till May, and October through till November. When the weather will be perfect for both Activities and chilling out. If you are travelling around peak season, from june through to september. Be sure to book in advance and prepare yourself for higher booking costs. 




Seychelles food is a unique blend of Chinese, French and indian cuisines. Not only is it unique however, it's also delicious. With its dishes mostly consisting of fish and seafood, cooked meats and delightful tropical fruits. It's a heaven not only for beaches but delightful dishes. 





The Currency in the Seychelles is the Seychelles rupee. In terms of exchanging your money, you can do it at local tourist spots, or by withdrawing money from ATMs. We recommend you carry cash on you as well as not a lot of places will accept cards

English and Seselwa are the official languages in the seychelles. 

The Seychelles is 4 hours ahead of the United Kingdom.




Time difference

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