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United Arab Emirates

In the last couple decades, the UAE’s tourism has absolutely exploded. With Major Cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi taking the spotlight, these are only two of the UAE’s seven independent city states. The others are Ras al Khaimah, five Ajma, Sharjah, Fujairah and Umm al Quwain. Dubai is for sure the UAE’s Crown Jewel, Home to the famous Burj Khalifa, Atlantis waterpark and heart racing dune buggying. It's also the UAE’s crown jewel for tourists as there is no other destination in the world with so much to do! With all the Cities taking on a combination of both traditional and modern approach to its architecture and lifestyle. Along with the UAE, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi, being home to some both insanely fun and interesting experiences. This unique and amazing part of the earth should be on everyone's bucket list. 

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Before travelling to UAE

You can travel to the UAE practically all year round and it will be pretty toasty. Especially in summer (May-september), when you will almost struggle to go outside. Therefore we recommend you visit around October and April, if you want it a bit chillier. Or October to March if you want the weather to still be hot, but bearable. This is also high season, however it doesn't get too busy. Holders of full British passports will be granted a free of charge visitor/tourist visa upon arrival in the UAE, for up to 30 days. Your passport will be stamped with the visa as you pass through Immigration. You should have no problem at all using your Credit Cards whilst in dubai, with Mastercard and Visa being widely accepted. Especially in Big Cities and if you just withdraw cash. We recommend you carry cash on you. Even in the cities as some smaller businesses will not accept cards. 

About Dubai

Dubai is like no other city in the world. Which is why it's without a doubt the most popular tourist destination in Saudi arabia. With its unique culture, extremely warm weather and iconic skyscrapers, there isn't much not to love about Dubai. Despite being a bit pricey of course Dubai is definitely worth it. As once there you will feel like you're living like a king, as it's actually extremely difficult to escape anything that Looks or tastes Luxurious. With this Luxury comes great diversity and variety, because I'm not going to live in Dubai. The list of Activities and general things to do is crazy. From visiting some of the most impressive water parks in the world to dining in some of the most impressive restaurants in the world. Dubai definitely isn't cheap, but if you're looking for a destination that without a doubt will be an incredible experience Dubai is the place.

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What to do in Dubai

In terms of scenery and top sights in Dubai, let's start with the most obvious and iconic traits. It’s amazing Skyscrapers. The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world is one of these. Standing at an impressive 160 floors, (828 meters tall). It is by far one of Dubai's most iconic monuments and you can even travel to the 148th floor where you can take in the most marvelous view of the whole of Dubai in all its glory. You can even chill in the world's highest lounge on the 152nd floor. Another Tall and Magnificent structure you will struggle to miss is the Burj Al Arab. a Majestic Sail Shaped structure that is also home to one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Where you can also head to its famous Skyview Bar for some of the world's most sophisticated cocktails. The best place to enjoy the beauty of this monument for free is to visit the beach nearby. Which is home to clear blue waters, water activities and uninterrupted views. Dubai is not just Big buildings though. With this stunning also being home to rich culture and tradition a great example if this is the Jumeirah Mosque. What is considered the most photographed mosque in all of Dubai, it truly is a beautiful and interesting piece of architecture. Organised tours of the mosque are also available so you can learn about the mosque's history, its beautiful internal architecture and what goes on in there on a day to day basis.

Activities to do in Dubai

When it comes to activities Dubai is the king of all aces. Not only can you enjoy activities in the sun but you can even go Skiing. Not on real snow of course, but having been to Ski dubai myself it's a very impressive facility. With some pretty real looking snow. This You can even go and see the penguins whilst you are there. However, staying more on track of enjoying the beautiful sunshine. The options are limitless. From going for nice cycle rides when the weather is cooler to do the most popular dune buggying. Which from xperience is the most terrifying experience as you are thrown around Dubai's massive dunes. 

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Food in Dubai

When in Dubai the options in terms of what you are going to eat are limitless, From cheap american fast food knock offs to michelin star cuisine. There is a variety for everyone's pallet as well as budget. 

Some local and traditional dishes that you must try however include Luqaimat. A sweet dumpling like dish that has a similar taste and texture to donuts. Or if you're feeling really brave you can even enjoy some Camel!

For the family

For sure Dubai's can definitely be a very expensive holiday. Especially if you're planning on bringing the family. However, if you do Dubai is a family vacation paradise. With its countless numbers of activities and cool attractions. There's enough to keep the whole family entertained for weeks. With some of the world's best waterparks being based in Dubai itself. The famous Atlantis is normally everyone's first pick. Where not only is this waterpark a resort, but also an aquarium. With one of the slides itself involving you sliding through a transparent section of the tube.  Whilst you might not see much as you'll be travelling so fast it’s definitely still a very cool feature.

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Transportation around Dubai

The Easiest and cheapest way to get around dubai is by metro and bus. With both being very easy to use,  a lot of the travel information will be in english. Taxis are also widely available around the city but of course are the more expensive option. Our personal recommendation would be to rent a car as the roads are very good in Dubai, and it will also allow you to easily zip about and see everything the city has to offer. 

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