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Things to do in Zurich

Zurich's interesting culture is represented with over 50 museums and over one hundred art galleries. Furthermore, a trip to the cities old town is a great way to see a remarkable piece of European historym making it  Not only interesting but also containing some romantic little streets. Lake Zurich is also a very popular sight . with what was once an important transportation route for both people and good, its now a place where restaurants surround the shore and you can even pop in the water for a swim.

Food in Zurich

It's hard not to love food in Zurich, with some very famous dishes even being created in Zurich. Like the much loved cheese fondue. Which first recipe was written down in this very city. So it would be a shame to possibly try one of the most authentic cheese fondues you will ever have in your life. Following on from that the Swiss love there Raclettes. Which is similar to a cheese fondant. However your melted cheese will come with potatoes, onions, gherkins and bread. Be warned you might not be able to get off the table you've eaten so much cheese. Another essential dish to try in Zurich is a Zurcher Geschnetzeltes. Delicious slices of  veal , served with mushroom and cream sauce, along with onions.

Image by Volodymyr Bahrii

Nightlife in Zurich

Zurich definitely has the best nightlife in switzerland in our opinion, and is maybe even up there with some other major party destinations in Europe. With the western part of the city being the most strenuous and best for nightlife, this is where we definitely recommend you head. Whether you just booking for a bar to chill out in or a raving nightclub

For the family

Being the largest city in Switzerland there is plenty to do with the family. From doing a range of sightseeing to sailing on Zurich lake. Whether you want to just relax and explore or fancy a bit of adventure the options are there. If travelling in summer you should definitely take a trip down to the river for a swim with the locals. 

Transportation around Zurich

When flying to Zurich you will fly into Zurich AIrport. From the Airport, you can either get a taxi to your next destination or if you can, also take a cost-efficient Swiss Federal Railways train the 6 miles into Zurich. The best way to get around Zurich's neighborhoods is on foot or by bike. Another great option is that you can take the city's efficient tram system. Which will allow you to basically reach almost every part of the city.

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