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Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a sunny american city in the state of California. The region itself is a diverse blend of metropolis and nature. Los angelenos are normally riding waves, going hiking or wandering around its sunny city streets. Also home to the world Famous Hollywood, where countless of our favourite films have been created and produced for decades. Los Angeles' creative side is also expressed throughout the city, with stunning and very unique structures. As well as being the home to the original disneyland.  

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Los Angeles is such an interesting city, from the palaces of beverly hills, sunsetstrip, the original disney land and being the home to two professional NBA basketball teams, there's something for everyone's interests.  The city itself is broken up into loads of sub cities as well, with each area having its own unique personality. Let's start with one of the wealthiest and possibly well known residential districts in the world, Beverly Hills. Filled with not only massive houses but elite shops, clean streets and a ridiculous display of wealth. Next up is the city of West Hollywood, An area mostly well known for being the hottest destination for the entertainment industry. However, it is also home to unparalleled nightlife along its stunning sunset strip. Last but not least is Santa monica, where you will find magnificent views of both the ocean and Santa Monica mountains, making it the more scenic area of the city for sure. For the best views ,make sure you visit both Palisades Park and the Santa Monica state beach. Which is positioned near the main attraction in Santa Monica, its world famous pier. 

In terms of being out and about there is almost no better city in the world for exploring the great outdoors in fabolous sunshine, no matter what time of year. From hiking mountain trails to pools and sunset strolls. One of our personal favourite areas to enjoy the outdoors of Los Angeles is on Manhattan Beach. Which boast and impressive two mile stretch of sparkly coastline. Perfect for a cycle ride or a competitive game of beach volleyball. No trip would be complete to Los Angeles without a great Hike either. With the Charlie Turner Trail to Mount Hollywood, where you'll get a bird's eye view of L.A. as well as the money shot of the iconic Hollywood Sign.

Things to do

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Los Angeles is a foodie heaven, from classic american dishes to 5 start cuisines from all over the world. Whether you're living it up a michelin star restaurant or grabbing some delightful street food, all options are mouth wateringly delicious. However, if we are talking essentials, if you come to Los Angeles and dont try at least one Juicy cheeseburger with a side of fried from the city's legendary In-N-Out-Burger, it is considered a sin. While you might think it's like any other burger trust us you are completely wrong. With an entire district of Los Angeles being coined Little Tokyo, it comes as no surprise that there will be irresistibly good sushi. With Nobu, being its most iconic restaurant to grab this delightful dish. Despite it definitely being a more expensive option it's definitely something all suchi enthusiasts must try. You might even spot a celebrity while you're there as well.  

If you're thinking of travelling to Los Angeles as a family, you will definitely not be short of things to do whilst you're out there. From iconic attractions like Warners bros studios tours, DIsneyLand and Universal Studios.





In terms of the best way to get around Los Angeles, it is by rental car or taxi. WIth Los Angeles being spread out across about 500 square miles, and while there is a public transportation system, its routes are limited compared to those found in other major cities. Due to the area also being so big you will struggle to get around using just public transportation. 

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