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South America
Image by Traveling Tall Girl
Costa Rica

 The beautiful country is filled with spectacular rainforests, stunning beaches, turquoise waters, picturesque waterfalls, incredible national parks and world class resorts, making the country the perfect holiday destination. From horseback riding through the sparkling waterfalls, to snorkeling through the country's coral reefs, zip lining through the forests or even canoeing down the rivers, you will be sure to find something for everyone! 

Image by Ishan @seefromthesky
The Caribbean

The year-round warm weather is ideal for relaxing and strolling along the Caribbean beaches. The Caribbean is a paradise for travellers searching for beautiful landscapes and unparalleled experiences. The mix of cultures and nationalities which make up the region give it a unique flavour.  The many small and simply spectacular islands, relatively calm crystal clear waters make the Caribbean the ideal holiday. What are you waiting for?

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