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There are unlimited reasons as to why Europe should be your holiday destination. From spectacular beaches, to truly breathtaking natural beauty, unique culture and a diverse range of cuisine. You will definitely not be disappointed. Scroll down to find out more about specific country's. 

A blue beach in Kefalonia

Greece is full of beautiful vistas, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and luscious green mountains, making it a country that has it all. Greece has one of the longest and one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe, not only this but it is the southernmost country within Europe making it the ultimate summer experience.

Image by cyril mazarin

France is home to true diversity. From city trip's to the famous Paris, exploring the city's true beauty and architecture. To the French Alps for a wonderful week of skiing and Apres Ski.  Or even a relaxing trip down to the beautiful South coast of France. This spectacular country will definitely be able to fulfill all of your holiday desires. 

Image by Sergii Gulenok

Croatia is truly a beautiful country, filled with a hugely diverse landscape. From stunning lakes, to luscious forests and mesmerising coastlines. Also known for its outstanding food and wine, as well as it’s wide variety of outdoor adventures. Home to one of the most beautiful natural wonders in all of Europe, the Plitvice National Park, a truly breathtaking experience.

Image by Samuel Ferrara

Italy is a beautiful country, known for its culture, food, wine, lakes, beaches, mountains and much more. The country truly has something for everyone. You are bound to fall in love with Italy. There are 20 different regions in Italy, all with their own distinctly unique charm. From the historic capital city of Rome, to floating city of Venice, the charming Amalfi coast, or even the spectacular lakes, Italy is a must see! 

Image by Miriam Eh

Perched right on the eastern side of Europe, just south of the beautiful country of Turkey. You will find the beautiful and diverse island of Cyprus. With what used to british colony, and is now an independent region. Cyprus has similar traits to England whilst also looking remarkably similar to the stunning Greek Islands. Cyprus is  one of the larger mediterranean islands and is made up of 6 relatively sized cities. 

Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

In terms of a holiday in the sun, Spain is usually at the top of everyone's list and there for a very good reason for this. Home to vibrants cities like Madrid and Barcelona, to even world famous party destinations like Ibiza and even Ski resorts. You can definitely see why us Brits have always loved spain! Be sure to visit the Catalonian coast where you will be greeted with 124 miles of stunning beaches. 

Image by Debbie Molle

When most people think of the Netherlands all they tend to think about is Amsterdam, however, the Netherlands is home to so much more. With cool and quirky hotels, lovely cuisine, historical sites and the country's infamous coffee shops. The country has everything you could need for your next holiday.

Image by Samuel Wong

Turkey is known for its beautiful cuisine, amazing weather and richness in history. 

With everything you could want from a holiday, no wonder the country was voted 6th most popular destination to visit in 2019! There are some truly beautiful beaches and spectacular beaches that you must visit when on holiday to Turkey!

Image by Rachel Davis

Germany is a traveler's dream. With english speaking locals, beer, sausages, castles and insane history. It's no wonder it's often considered the beating heart of Europe. However, with such a variety of beautiful cities/regions to see, it can be difficult to know what to do and where to go!

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Image by Connor Mollison
United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is an island made up of four different regions. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island. The United Kingdom is a pretty diverse country, making it the perfect place to explore. From truly breathtaking scenery, to quent villages in the countryside, ionic landmarks in the cities and world-class restaurants, you're sure to have a wonderful time no matter what!

Image by Daniel Schoibl

Iceland’s stunning glaciers, turquoise blue lagoons, snow-covered volcanoes, ice fields and just overall breathtaking scenic views are definitely worth the visit. The landscape is somewhat mystical, the Nordic icy views are something you definitely won’t be able to find throughout the rest of the world. The island Blue Lagoon is also a must see when visiting Iceland! The geothermal outdoor spa is filled with relaxing enriched mineral water.

Image by Dino Reichmuth

Switzerland, is mainly known for its stunning snow covered picturesque mountain tops. However, the country is actually really diverse and interesting. Home to Divine chocolate, stunning crystal clear lakes and quaint little villages. Switzerland definitely won't disappoint!

If you are interested in galleries, museums, historic buildings and even music festivals. Why not visit either Zurich, Geneva or Lausanne. Or if you we're looking for a winter holiday, why not head over to the Swiss Alps for an unforgettable ski holiday!

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