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Turkey is known for its beautiful cuisine, amazing weather and richness in history. With everything you could want from a holiday, no wonder the country was voted 6th most popular destination to visit in 2019. Did you know, some of the most famous monuments in the world are based in Turkey? For example the Aya Sofya, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful monuments in the world, or how about the almighty ruins of Ephesus, one of the most complete still standing Roman Cities, within the mediterranean region. Trust us you will never be bored when in Turkey

Capital city 




Time Difference

3 hours ahead of the UK

Image by Fatih Yürür

Best time to travel

Turkey has very hot summers and cold winters so we would say the best time to travel to Turkey is through the months April till June, as the temperatures will be pleasantly warm with few tourists. However, if you do fancy over 30 degree heat as your daily average, and don’t mind a few more people around, why not travel in the months between June till August! 


In terms of getting to Turkey from the UK, there are tons of flights running to and from Turkey’s different airports daily, In terms of getting around Turkey, It is very well connected. Despite being so big, getting round can actually be quite easy. There are options of domestic flights, Trains, ferries and buses. That can basically get you anywhere you need.


If you hold a Visa or a Mastercard, you will have no problem using your Credit and Debit card in Turkey. Unfortunately, if you tend to use American Express, then you will be limited to the places you are able to use your card.

Image by Giuseppe Mondì

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