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Paris, requires no introduction. Being one the most famous travel destinations for centuries, and it really does live up to its reputation. Not only is it the city of love, but is also world famous for the cities Historical Monuments, Exceptional cuisine and home to France's best nightlife. It truly is no lie that Paris is a travel experience not worth missing.

About Paris

Paris is a pretty big city, so figuring out what to do while you spend your time there can be difficult. There are endless things for you to do, however, one thing you can’t miss is the Eiffel tower, nestled around stunning Lutian Limestone Buildings based within the city center. You could just simply just stare upon its simple yet sophisticated beauty, or choose to venture within and travel to the top of Paris. Where Paris’ history, architecture, charm and identity will be revealed with a mesmerising view. As is Paris notoriously well known for being the city of love, it's got to be pretty spectacular hasn't it! Furthermore, the city has some of the most famous Historical monuments in the world, Paris is the beating heart of France. You’d be missing out if you didn’t visit.

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Activities in Paris

When in Paris there is so much to do! From museums in the city centre for you to explore, to indulging in some luxury retail therapy! Paris is home to some of the biggest Designers in the world. From Louis Vuitton and Chanel, both boasting massive stores within the capital, helping to add to the cities luxury feel. If you're looking for a bucket list experience and something to interest all ages, Our personal recommendation would be to take one of the many river cruises that Paris has to offer, this will allow you to see Paris beauty from the water!

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Food in Paris

In France, food is part of their integral culture, making it one of the best cities to indulge in. From the minute you wake up, Paris will have your back, fancy a freshly baked croissant and coffee? A true French Breakfast, a fluffy yet Flakey combination which is guaranteed to both fill your belly and kick start your day. Let's keep to the true beauty of french traditions, stop at almost any restaurant and you will find the Famous Duck confit and chips. Crispy, yet succulent duck, eaten daily by the french for a reason. It's delicious, if you love a chinese peking duck this is right up your street. This last one is one of the more adventurous dishes within the french cuisine, and that's Steak tartare. Lovely, ground beef, seasoned with capers, black pepper and topped with a raw egg. If you . If you would prefer something sweet, why not try a delicious chocolate eclair, or even some chocolate covered French toast? The city has so many beautiful creations to offer, I believe it would simply be impossible to not be able to find something that you like in Paris!

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Nightlife in Paris

While Paris does not quite have the same nightlife reputation as other european countries, it will definitely have something to offer. The city certainly isn't short of bars to choose from. Whether you are looking for a luxury night out or the cheapest pints. Paris’'s shear quantity of clubs and bars will be of assistance to those looking for a good night out! A good area for the younger generation is to head to is Bastille. With immensely overcrowded streets, it creates a great party environment.

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Family activities in Paris

In terms of a Family holiday, we would definitely recommend visiting Paris if you are travelling to France. However, staying in Paris can be relatively expensive for a family, furthermore options for things to do that are kid friendly in Paris can be slightly limiting. There is however, Disney Land Paris, which pretty much says it all in itself. A fantastic day out for the kids, located just outside the city centre, you’ll be sure to have an excellent day! 

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