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Located in the North of the United Kingdom, Scotland is a country of much diversity. From rolling countrysides, icy mountain tops, charming villages and bustling cities, Scotland is definitely a great holiday destination. Whether you are looking for an action-packed trip filled with picturesque walks, a relaxing retreat or even a culture filled adventurous holiday, you will be sure to find everything you need when visiting Scotland. 

Image by Raoul du Plessis
Image by Connor Mollison

About Scotland

The Sottish Highlands offer the ultimate escape. The region is by far the largest in Scotland, covering nearly 10000 sq miles of simply spectacular scenery. No matter what you are planning on doing with your time in the Highlands, you will definitely not be disappointed. From breathtaking views over the stunning mountains, to hiking on some of the most colossal mountains in the UK, the Highlands have it all. If driving is more your thing, why not spend a couple of days driving around the 516 miles that make up the North Coast 500. You will be able to experience the truly incredible views that Scotland has to offer, all from the luxury of your own car, giving you the possibility to discover the spectacular NC500 at your own leisure. 


Scotland has many of its own traditions when it comes to food. Boasting world-class food, from top quality seafood, to fresh fruit and vegetables! There are some traditional Scottish foods that you must try on your trip to Scotland. Haggis is one of the most traditional meals in Scotland, truly representing the country's culture. To cook the meal, every part of the animal is used, it is then finished with herbs, spices and seasoning adding lots of flavour to the meal! If Haggis doesn't appeal, that's ok because Scotland's cuisine has much more to offer. The country offers sensational seafood, that is organically colonised in fresh Scottish waters. A personal recommendation when visiting Scotland would be to visit Corrour Station House, hidden away in the Scottish Highlands, you will be able to enjoy a mixture of traditional Scottish, British and European food. The remote restaurant offers spectacular views over a picturesque lake and has a warm welcoming roaring fire. 

Image by Brooke Lark

Things to do in Scotland

There is plenty for everyone to do in Scotland. Whether you feel like mountain biking down the rugged alpine terrain, Kayaking across the scenic lakes, hiking across the picturesque mountains or even skiing. Scotland has it all when it comes to activities! We would highly recommend taking a day to enjoy scotland water sport facilities. Why not try white water rafting down the fast flowing Scottish rivers, canoeing over the stunning lochs or even just sit back on the water's edge and take in the simply breathtaking views!

Image by Jack Anstey

For the Family

The Scottish culture is unique and reflects the vibrant country in itself. When exploring Scotland you will be sure to find some locals wearing their traditional Kilts accompanied with the sound of bagpipes. This tradition is is often associated with the Scottish culture. You will be sure to have a good time no matter where you go as the Scots know how to party! The cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow are definitely musts if you are looking for a good night out!  

Image by Paul Rysz

Transportation around Scotland

The transportation links in Scotland are excellent. From Local bus services to express coaches, rail services and even ferries. Scotland's public transport service makes it very easy for people to get around the country. There are also car rental services which we would highly recommend as this will allow you to be able to explore the country and all its beauty at your own leisure. 

Image by Jennifer Latuperisa-Andresen
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