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Not only is Split Croatia's second largest city, it's also nicknamed the Mediterranean flower. As it is considered so beautiful. Combining a mixture of both roman architecture and the iconic Croatian orange roof houses, along with its mesmerising turquoise sea. Split, is also a very versatile and diverse tourist destination. With something for everyone, ranging from sunbathing, impressive sights, delicious cuisine and bussing nightlife. Furthermore, Split is a transportation hub to many of the gorgeous adriatic islands. 

Image by Raoul du Plessis
Image by Grant Ritchie

About Split

One of the most popular sights for sure in Split is its Old town, which is home to the famous ancient ruins of Diocletian's Palace. One of the most stunning and well preserved sights of Roman architecture in the world. The Old town in Split is also hugely popular for its vast amount of shops, bars, restaurants and cafes. That gives this area of the city such a great bustling atmosphere. While also visiting all these stunning monuments, Splits green market, is only located on the eastern side of Diocletian's Palace. Here you will find exquisite fresh food such as fruit, olive oils, wines, vegetables and very traditional Croatian food. 

Let's talk Beaches now, Split being a Coastal town the beach is not far at all. Only about 10 minutes walk from the city center. Filled with locals and both tourists, it's not only stunning but full of action.


With Food in Split being a true sensation, it is truly a growing culinary revolution. The dishes you will find out in Split are simple, fresh and delicious. With the majority of restaurants serving the following.  Pizza, risotto as well as grilled meats and fish. However, you can definitely find restaurants where you can find traditional croatia treats. Like Buzara, a delicious dish of mussels served in a wine broth with garlic and breadcrumbs. Yum

With one of our Personal recommendations being the Tavern Kod. Where it might look a bit worn down, the food is exceptional. With locally sourced fresh ingredients being used in all their dishes from the fish, vegetables and the meat. It has a lovely pub feeling to it and food comes at a reasonable price.

If you're looking for something a bit more upscale Kadena is the place for you. Serving some of the best traditional croatian dishes in the whole area. You can also enjoy your food on its outdoor terrace and service is immaculate. 

Image by Kat von Wood

Things to do

One of the most popular outdoor activities to engage in while Split and any coastal city in Croatia really is sea kayaking. Allowing you to now only witness the city's beautiful coastline but also get some exercise in. With a lot of local agencies offering these tours there's a variety to choose from and they normally involve around 3 km of paddling. There is also a great variety of hikes available all around the city. With one of the most popular hikes being up Mosor Mountain. With a variety of trials with a whole range of difficulty, it definitely isn't a walk in the park but it's worth it for the view at the top. With great views of plit and the islands just off the Coast

Image by Kirsten Velghe

For the Family

Split is a great destination for a family holiday. With its essence of roman history and delightful sun it's the perfect combination for keeping the whole family entertained. With fun tours to engage in like segway tours. Where you can both see the city while the kids have a blast zooming about on a segway right beside you. Bike tours are also available if segways aren't up your street. A very popular outing with the kids is to visit Klis fortress. Filled with traditional uniforms, arms and armour it's also a truly historic military structure. Perched up on the mountain it's not only a fortress in the sky but a perfect spot to take in the views.


Splits nightlife is definitely not world famous , but there are plenty of places where you can socialize, grab a drink and enjoy a little dancing. With there being a whole range of clubs and bars, often a popular thing to do is to pub crawl around Split


The best way to get around Split is by car since it gives you the most flexibility to travel on your own timetable, but renting a car isn't the most economical way to get around. Relying on the city's buses (and ferries for island hopping) will save you the most kuna.

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