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Image by Ivan Ragozin

The Dordogne

When it comes to the Dordogne there isn't much you can't fall in love with. Home to some of the most enchanted chateaus you will ever see, all accompanied by majestic pastoral fields, split by the glimmer of The Dordogne's winding rivers. With so much to offer the Dordogne really does have something for everyone. Its Beautiful landscape is also second to none. You could spend the day exploring the golden Sandstone castles, walk through busy medieval streets of Sarlat or stare endlessly into the never ending skyline at the top of Dome.

Activities in the Dordogne

Calling all athletes! Do you love Cycling, Hiking, Walking, Canoeing, rock climbing or even paragliding? If your answer is yes, then the Dordogne is the place for you. Would you prefer a Quiet bike ride on one of the Dordognes many stunning cycle tracks? Or would you rather something more extreme like jumping off the rocks into the River Dordogne? The opportunities and experiences are Limitless. Something we can recommend from our own personal experience is the Sarlat Voie Verte, a lovely flat bike path that stretches for just over 29km through Sarlat-La-Caneda. The views over the River Dordogne are just simply stunning. At a number of points the Voie Verte intersects a tone of different main road routes, allowing you to be able to take a detour into the main villages or even explore the small unique towns that The Dordogne has to offer.


If walking or cycling isn't your thing, why not try canoeing down the beautiful Dordogne Valley, where you will find luscious landscapes and small secluded beaches for you to stop at. Including,  La Roque Gageac, which is classified as one of France's most beautiful villages. It’s situated in a stunning position, on the north bank of the River. We would highly recommend you include this as one of your canoe stops!


Food in the Dordogne

The food, Delightful! All the local dishes are inspired and made from local ingredients. The options are endless, from fios grios to black truffles, Bergerac wines and many more wonderful treats. A Personal recommendation would be to visit Sarlat on your travels if you love your food. With Sarlat being the food capital of the Dordogne, there are an amazing variety of amazing local restaurants you can visit, or why not attend the local food market that occurs every Wednesday? In terms of a recommendation of where to go to look for dinner. You can’t go wrong with the many restaurants Sartlet's town center has to offer. Which will provide variety for everyone, whether you're a gastronomic enthusiast or a fussy eater. My Personal Favourite is Le Bistro. 


Family activities in the Dordogne

If you have been to the dordogne before, you might be aware that it’s possibly one of the best destinations in France for a family holiday. If you didn't know, now you do! Isn't it pretty obvious already? With so much to do in one geological place, It makes a perfect family holiday destination. So why dont you get yourself over to france, and enjoy a delightful nice scenic picnic at the Dordogne river, and watch the kids play in the water while you take in the Beautiful landscapes surrounding you. 


Nightlife in the Dordogne

In terms of Nightlife in the Dordogne, we would just like to start by saying it’s very French. Nightclubs aren't the most common thing to attend late at night, Instead you can indulge in some french cheese, regional wines, cocktails, mussels and loads of other french tapas. You will be able to find these types of local bars and restaurants throughout the Dordogne. However, if you are looking for a Nightclub experience there are still options available for you. 

Image by Héctor J. Rivas

Transportation around the Dordogne

Normally when Travelling to the Dordogne, you will fly into Bergerac Airport. Which is situated in the west of the Dordogne region. There is a local Train station in Bergerac, however a Taxi will be required to get you there, this will cost you around 15 - 20 Euros. Making it a fairly easy round trip. In terms of getting around the Dordogne, you might find this part a little bit more difficult unless you are a keen walker or cyclist. There are however options around this, you could rent a car or simply stay in one of the many holiday villages and / or campsites that are filled with more than enough to keep everyone busy. Moreover, if you decide not to fly, and driving is a possibility, we would personally recommend going for the option of taking the euro tunnel as this will enable you to not only experience the scenic drive down through the french countryside, but you will also have flexibility when you have reached your desired destination.

Image by Camille Brodard ~ Kmile Feminin
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